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The following items contain various reference and language books either in the Czech, Slovak, and/or English. Please note that some books can be downloaded directly if they are out of copyright. For those still within some form of copyright, the link will take you directly to the item on another website. Items are listed in alphabetical order and organized by media type.


TITLE: Latin-Czech Dictionary
AUTHOR: Dr. Kamil Furst, 1920
DESCRIPTION: Excellent resource for Latin terms defined in Czech. Easy to translate the Czech definition by using Google Translate. Note that the book was almost 100 years old and in fragile condition resulting in some pages being a bit more difficult to read. Excellent reference tool when interpreting archive records. 392 pages.
KEY WORDS: Latin Czech Dictionary

Download (108MB): Dictionary

TITLE: A Pocket Dictionary of the English and Bohemian Language with Full Pronunciation and Accentuation
AUTHOR: Frantisek B. Zdrubek
DESCRIPTION: This dictionary provides Czech to English and English to Czech with definitions as existed when the book was published in 1886, 2 Volumes. Courtesy of HathiTrust.

Volume 1, English to Czech, 288 pages.

Volume 2, Czech to English, 390 pages.

TITLE:**TITLE: Slovak English Dictionary
AUTHOR: Paul Kadak
DESCRIPTION: Written in Slovak, this dictionary provides an easy translation of Slovak words to the English language. Published 1905.

“Download (244 meg):/sites/default/files/slovakenglishdictionary.pdf

TITLE: Bohemian Made Easy, A Practical Bohemian Course for English-Speaking People
AUTHOR: Jonas Karel
DESCRIPTION: Published in 1890. 294 pages. Courtesy of HathiTrust.
Bohemian Made Easy

TITLE: A Grammar of the Bohemian or Czech Language
*AUTHOR:” William Richard Morfill
DESCRIPTION: Published in 1899. 170pages. Courtesy of HathiTrust.
Grammar of Bohemian

TITLE: Progressive Czech
*AUTHOR:*Bohumil E. Mikula
DESCRIPTION: A beautiful blend of learning the Czech language and information about Czech life. Published in 1926. 538 pages. Courtesy of HathiTrust.
Progressive Czech

TITLE: Slovak (Slavish) Self-Taught
AUTHOR: S Moravek
DESCRIPTION: Published in 1917, this grammar provides a view of learning the language as of that timeframe. In English. 126 pages.