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The following Family Histories are rich in information about the culture and social history of our ancestors from the Czech and Slovak lands as well as their stories of emigrating to the United States or other countries. And, of course, they contain the genealogical information for these families. Many of these genealogies have not been posted elsewhere on the internet, so this is a unique location to further your genealogical research.

If you are in the process of writing your own family story, you will find that every book in this library has a different format and unique stories to tell. We hope it will give you additional ideas to create your own story.

If you have a Family History you wish to share in this library, please contact We’d love to have it included in this picture of our past.

Please note that we diligently attempt to receive permission from the author or their family prior to posting these books and we treat them as copyrighted information. We ask that you treat them similarly and make note of the source of any information you use in your own personal work. Thank you!

The Chaloupeks of Kopidlo
TITLE: The Chaloupeks of Kopidlo
AUTHOR: Leighton Kaloupek, 2012, 1155 pages, 12.8 meg.
SAMPLE SURNAMES: Chalupa, Chaloupek, Holcknecht, Haloupek, Kaloupek, Jarosek, Sima,
SAMPLE LOCATIONS: Czech Republic: Belec, Bor, Bratronice, Kopidlo, Plzen, Zbecno, . USA: Elberon, IA; Tama County, IA, Benton County, IA.

TITLE: Chmelik Genealogy
AUTHOR: David K Eiteman, 2018, 48 pages, 1.8 meg.
SAMPLE SURNAMES: Chmelik, Prochazka, Saxe, Kolarik, Rys, Dobry,
SAMPLE LOCATIONS: Czech Republic: Joachimsthal/Jachymov, Klatovy, Buchlovice. USA: Cuyahoga Cty, OH, Cleveland, OH.

TITLE: Dobrozemsky Genealogy
AUTHOR: David K Eiteman, 2018, 107 pages, 1.7 meg.
SAMPLE SURNAMES: Dobry, Dobrozemsky, Prochazka, Jurcova, Mikel, Madera, Hrabec, Bina, Samek, Dvoracek, Strickova, Ptacek
SAMPLE LOCATIONS: Austria: Vienna. Czech Republic: Buchlovice, Uherske Hradiste. USA: Cuyahoga, OH.

Fillipe/Phillipe Family History 1752-2009 —45.8 meg
TITLE: Fillipe/Phillipe Family History 1752-2009
AUTHOR: Jim Phillipe, 2009, 151 pages, 45.8 meg.
SAMPLE SURNAMES: Fillipe, Filipi, Phillipe, Mylnar, Makovsky, Bartush, Piker, Oliva, Bushka, Vasek, Miska, Vorlick, Bartos, Hegr
SAMPLE LOCATIONS: Czech Republic: Borova, Pusta Rybna, Dzbanez, Hamry, Studnice, Filipov, Kamenicky, Javornik, Policka, Prosec, Zaborh. USA: Silver Lake, MN; Mott, ND; Dassel, MN; Clarson, NE.

The Houdeks from Paseky —28.8 meg
TITLE: The Houdeks from Paseky
AUTHOR: Merle Houdek, 2014, 283 pages, 28.8 meg.
SAMPLE SURNAMES: Barta, Cervenka, Charvat, Chizek, Frana, Houdek, Klimesh, Kouba, Schneberger, Secora, Sykora, Zobal
SAMPLE LOCATIONS: Czech Republic: Paseky, Mysenec, Protivin, Zahori, Jamny, Doubravka, Chrastany, USA: Allegheny (Pittsburgh), PA; Winneshiek, IA; Fort Atkinson, IA; Spillville, IA; Lidgerwood, ND; Pisek, ND;

History of the Joseph Varick Family —17.9 meg
TITLE: History of the Joseph Varick Family
AUTHOR: Doris Varick Friedl, 22 pages, 17.9 meg.
SAMPLE SURNAMES: Varick, Dolezal, Drabek, Talsky, Ruzicka, Shimunek, Friedl
SAMPLE LOCATIONS: Czech Republic: Polnicka, Velka Losenice USA: West Milwaukee, WI; Hales Corners, WI.

In the Beginning
TITLE: In the Beginning: The Kuře/Straka Family History including Kubeš and Kratína families
AUTHOR: Rosemary Loss Bodien, 1994, 93 pages, 70.5 meg.
SAMPLE SURNAMES: Chalupa, Chaloupek, Holcknecht, Haloupek, Kaloupek, Jarosek, Sima,
SAMPLE LOCATIONS: Czech Republic: Horazdovice Lhota, Zabori, Ruda, Karlov, Tremosna. USA: Ratan, NM, Cadott, WI, Racine, WI.

Mracek Genealogy
TITLE: Mracek Genealogy
AUTHOR: Jack Mracek, 1993, 134 pages, 57.9 meg.
SAMPLE SURNAMES: Mracek, Cigler, Duban, Franek, Horejsi, Valek, Malecha, Duda, Trenda, Frejlach, Ctvrnik
SAMPLE LOCATIONS: Czech Republic: Stepanovice, Slavosovice, Horusice. USA: Veseli, MN; Lonsdale, MN.

Zabokrtsky, Jenik, and Pavlicek Families in the Czech Republic: A 400 Year Journey —25.3 meg
TITLE: Zabokrtsky, Jenik, and Pavlicek Families in the Czech Republic: A 400 Year Journey
AUTHOR: Gary Mitchel Zabokrtsky, 99 pages, 25.3 meg.
SAMPLE SURNAMES: Zabokrtsky, Jenik, Pavlicek
SAMPLE LOCATIONS: Czech Republic: Zahmanova Lhotka, Kostelecka Lhota, Slemeno, Tisova, USA: Cedar Rapids, IA; Marshall Cty, KS; Bremen, KS; Hanover, KS.