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Message Date Comment Date
Jacob Florian in Helena Tsp, Scott County 1885 02/07/2013 kathy
Eva Oberdorfer/Josefa Baumrucker 01/13/2013 Marcia
Surname Cehlarik 01/11/2013 Sharon Peters
Picha's in Crawford County, Wisconsin 01/05/2013 Jen Emerson For some Picha’s in West 06/29/2013 dan.urban
Pocbvalof, Bohemia 01/04/2013 Audrey Most likely this is Pochvalov 07/30/2015 gsvatos
Protivec, CZ 12/30/2012 Ray Hucek
Gajary 12/28/2012 Karen
Surname: Lhotka 12/26/2012 Paulette
When were the Greek Catholics forced from Poland? 12/23/2012 Fran Sorry, I meant GREEK 12/23/2012 Fran Barnosky
When were the Greek Catholics forced from Poland? 12/23/2012 Fran Fran, I don’t know that they 04/06/2013 mary.dzurichko
When were the Greek Catholics forced from Poland? 12/23/2012 Fran Thank you Mary. This info 07/21/2013 Fran Barnosky
Joseph Louis Glamos / Josephine C. Jindra 11/13/2012 Glamos / Jindra
Breuer/Rehak 11/12/2012 Jeannette Brewer
Place Names 11/12/2012 Jeannette Brewer Hello Jeannette: There is 12/26/2012 anthony.kadlec
Holly, Pfleger, Kamenice Bohemia ~1800 11/06/2012 Steve
Cresky Brod or dobra Pole 10/24/2012 marcia Holliman
Vodraska from Ellsworth, Kansas 10/18/2012 Peggy C Hi Peggy, My 05/24/2013 mike.rejsa
Vodraska from Ellsworth, Kansas 10/18/2012 Peggy C Thanks for the idea. I have 12/18/2012 pcrippen
Vodraska from Ellsworth, Kansas 10/18/2012 Peggy C Peggy – I’ve been looking for 01/02/2013 mike.rejsa
Vodraska from Ellsworth, Kansas 10/18/2012 Peggy C Sorry I did not see this 01/09/2013 pcrippen
Vodraska from Ellsworth, Kansas 10/18/2012 Peggy C I think I found my Vodraska 01/15/2013 pcrippen
Tour and driver 10/17/2012 V. Ludwigsen
Zelezny from Cesky Brod, Vitice 10/15/2012 Marcia Holliman Hello: Perhaps it is a 11/22/2012 anthony.kadlec
Zelezny search in Cesky Brod 10/15/2012 Marcia Holliman
surname Bila 09/17/2012 Lauren Hello Lauren: You are in 09/21/2012 anthony.kadlec
surname Bila 09/17/2012 Lauren Thank you, Tony. I found 10/05/2012 laurenbila
Joseph Anton Pasek (1883-1974) - Radostice 09/11/2012 Linda
Anastasia Beranek (1884-1964) - Searching for mother, father, siblings in Vinarice 09/11/2012 Linda
Free On-Line Class: Searching & Using Czech Records & Reading German Kurrent 09/11/2012 CGSI Publicity
Motz - Tschiedel names 08/31/2012 Stephen Wassman
Kate and Marie Mertl 08/16/2012 Carol Joan
Romess 07/19/2012 Frank
Posta's 07/16/2012 Audrey
Children of Josef Posta and Julia Cermak Posta in Bohemia/Austria 1800's 07/16/2012 Audrey
Mrs 07/11/2012 Jackie Makely
Entering location and source data for Rozvadov church records 07/04/2012 Brandt
Miroslav / Misslitz 07/02/2012 Les Hi I know this posting is 05/27/2013 sharon_gill
Searching for Sukovity/Sukovita 06/26/2012 David Lewin did the Suk surname derive 12/15/2016 Judysuk9
Czechoslovakian treasures 06/25/2012 Vera Cerny Ludwigsen
Saving my collection from the dumpster 06/24/2012 Vera Cerny Ludwigsen
Hojsak/Hosak/Busak 06/06/2012 SB Stine
Kopejtko, especially in Ludina or Seliste 06/06/2012 SB Stine
Czech migration to Croatia in 1800s 06/06/2012 SB Stine My grandmother’s (Franciska 10/03/2013 frances.fricke
Surnames: Vancura/Vantsura, Karasek, Rambousek, Bimowa 06/05/2012 david vancura
Surnames Polanka, Hozman, Pinkas 05/30/2012 Toni M My Great Great Grandmother 11/11/2012 jane.brown
Swoboda & Nemec in Omaha, NE 05/27/2012 Marilyn Swoboda
Halacek and Zajics 05/26/2012 gringagirl
Triscik, Trescik, Turak -Austria/Hungary, Slovak, Czech 05/25/2012 Bette
Triscik, Trisik, Trisick, Turak 05/25/2012 Bette Triscik
Kubeck Kubec Kubek Kubik Kobac? - Lake County, Indiana 05/18/2012 Carla Stead - Kubeck I have a great aunt and uncle 04/06/2013 carolynn.miller