Conference Exhibitor Information


By setting up an Exhibitor Booth at our CGSI virtual conference this October, you are able to promote your group to a highly targeted global audience.


Hundreds of attendees will be highly open to both your message and its unique relevance to Czech, Slovak, Moravian and Carpatho-Rusyn culture.

Think of this opportunity as you would an in-person conference – put your best story forward in ways that work for your organization, consistent with its goals and mission. Give attendees multiple reasons to not just stop by, but interact with you live or by appointment. Your exhibitor booth contains:

  • A concise overview of what your group does
  • Video or video links
  • Downloadable PDFs about your events, products, or services
  • Educational material that attendees will find valuable
  • Membership and promotional e-mail/mail sign up mechanisms
  • Contact information, including phone numbers, email
  • Special promotions or discounts available exclusively to attendees
  • Links to your website, blog, or other resources
  • Opportunity to virtually chat with attendees

Exhibitors will be able to work on their virtual exhibitor booth starting September 25th (three weeks before the conference and one week before all attendees get access).

The first step is to purchase an exhibitor booth space, and complete instructions for setup will follow.

Non-profit exhibitor booth: $25

For profit exhibitor booth: $50

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