Looking for Kucaba Czech records

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Went to CGSI home in Mendota. Kevin helped me to find Pochvalov records. Whay a wonderful help he was and very kind. Thank you, thank you. With your assistance I have located other family records on my own. Found relatives in Czechia and plan on visiting in September, 2019.

I am finding that the birth records of the Kucaba’s refer to Prokop Kucaba of Pochvalove, Cz. I have run into some difficulty finding the records for the town of Pochvalove. Any suggestions? Thanking you in advance. June

Just for the heck of it, I looked up the birth of Vaclav Kucaba and found it on the following link: . There are other Kucaba’s listed in the index of this book, so if you have not yet done so, I would suggest you go through these records and record the house number where they lived. (In this case, Vaclav was born in house #49 in the village of Trtice, parish Nove Straseci. Then you can access the Cadestral maps and get a better idea of the land they owned. Have you already searched in the birth and marriage records? If you need a bit of help doing that, I can give you some suggestions. Give me a shout:

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jerry, thanks for responding. I am a Czech-Slovak Singer director and Phillips, Wi. just had their annual festival. I was preparing! Now that it is over, I have time to resume my research, so I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I have also found Vaclav in house #49 in Trtce in the Nove Straseci records. I have reached a brick wall for some reason and I am unable at this time to find his father, mother, brothers, sisters etc. I would appreciate any assistance you could give to help me. Thanking you in advance.

Hi June, I would love to help you. Do you know the town that your Czechs are from? JK

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Yes, they are from Trtice, Cz. I am looking for land records for the Kucaba family. My grandfather is Joseph Kucaba who had 1 brother, James and sisters, Julia, Agnes, Rose and ____. Their father was Vaclav Kucaba b: 20 nov 1843. His father Frantisak Kucaba (no information). His father Johen Prokop Kucaba (no information). Census records for these individuals would also be helpful. Would like to know if there were other siblings and their names. I may have additional information that would be helpful, just let me know what is needed. I hope you would be able to assist me. Thanking you in advance.