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Czech Center New York presents "Concert for Dvořák's 180th birthday anniversary" (on-demand content)

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Czech Center New York presents "Concert for Dvořák's 180th birthday anniversary" (on-demand content)

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Online concert of Antonín Dvořák's Poetic Tone Pictures (Poetické nálady): in celebration of composer's 180th birthday (1841-1904) performed by pianist Margarita Rovenskaya. View her bio here.

Margarita Rovenskaya

"This project began with my DMA recital in 2019, where I studied and performed Leoš Janáček’s 'V Mlhách (In The Mists)', and began reading about Czech history, Czech culture, and Czech language. I became fascinated by the rich culture of the Czech people, and also realized that music by Smetana and Dvořák is largely neglected in the solo piano repertoire, including the work I’ll be speaking about today - Dvořák's 'Poetic Tone Pictures' I decided to focus my doctoral research on Dvořák's music, focusing on the Czech elements in the music of Czech composers: Czech history, fairy tales, folk dance, and folk song. It has been an extremely rewarding and interesting experience to learn this music and study the history behind it. I am so honored to present it for the Czech Center New York, in honor of Dvořák's 180th birthday!"

Watch the concert via YouTube or follow the Registration link below.

Poetic Tone Pictures (Poetické nálady), Op. 85:

  1. Nocní cesta            (Twilight Path)
  2. Zertem                    (Toying)
  3. Na starem hrade    (At the Old Castle)
  4. Jarní                        (Spring Song)
  5. Selská balada        (Peasant Ballad)
  6. Vzpomínání            (Sorrowful Reverie)
  7. Furiant                    (Stomping Dance)
  8. Rej skritku              (Goblin's Dance)
  9. Serenáda               (Serenade)
  10. Backhanale            (Bacchanale)
  11. Na táckách             (Chitchat)
  12. U mohyly                (At the Hero's Grave)
  13. Na Svaté Hore       (On the Holy Mountain)

Presented by Czech Center New York in partnership with Dvořák American Heritage Association (DAHA).

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