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Global Slovakia "Slavic Summer" (webinar)

Global Slovakia presents "Slavic Summer" (webinar)

Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 11:00am (EDT), 10:00am (CDT), 8:00am (PDT), 17:00h (Central European Time)

Where: on your computer, tablet, or smartphone (via live online webinar)

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As spring unravels and slowly moved towards summer, the cycle of nature informs and inspires unique set of practices. Summer sizzles with enticing and ancient customs, many of which are still alive in the Slavic world today. Some were absorbed into Christianity, others survived in folklore.

Join us to explore the unexpected twists and turns of the late spring and early summer Slavic celebrations. Our special guest Peter Weleslav Kuzmisin will guide you to peak into the inner world of Slavic people and their experience of this magical time of year. 

About Peter Weleslav Kuzmisin

Peter is the author of three books on Slavic mythology and the spiritual life of our ancestors. He presents the complex topic about the little-known pre-Christian culture of the Slavs in an informative, yet digestible and entertaining way. But above all, Peter is a collector of stories. He is dedicated to bringing the pre-Christian faith of our ancestors back to life in a practical and inclusive manner. This is why he founded a community The Sacred Grove of the Native Faith that seeks to restore the oldest legacy of our ancestors.

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