Czech Workbooks & Police Registration Records

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I want to find out exactly when my grandmother left Czechoslovakia between 1900 and 1906. She was a foster child born in Vienna, and raised in Nemcice, in the Klatovy District. I have found her name on the 1890 census for that village.  I would also like to find her name on a police register (Melde-Schein in Austria) and /or workbook (Dienstbuch in German) register. 

Did young women and men in 1890-1906 have workbooks records that showed for whom they worked in villages?  What is it's name?

Did people have to do the police registration in 1890-1906 when they left or arrived at a new village for work, or traveled to Bayern or Austria? What is it's name?

Are those records still available in Czech archives? In her case it would her records in Pilsen, I believe. 

Thanks for any help!

Don Reh 


Don Reh - Auburn, CA