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The first of my immediate family members to immigrate, did so in 1887. They were siblings – Franz Hubeny, Joseph and Sophie. Sophie was sent to keep house for her brothers. She was 15 years old at the time. Here is my problem. Franz and Joseph are listed in the steerage section of the passenger list and we know that Sophie would not have been allowed to stay with her brothers on the ship. The only Sophie listed on the manifest is a Sophie traveling with Louis Habermann in the second cabin. Louis is listed as a US citizen and a brewer and Sophie is listed as a friend with the age being 20 years old. I contend that this is my Aunt but the rest of the family says no. Any help with proving my theory would be helpful. I know that many Czech aide organizations helped with passage and the like but do not know who to contact. Also, their mother’s brother had been in the US for a number of years and was living in Chicago. Any help would be appreciated.



If Sophie Hubeny (Hubena) was on the same ship as her brothers, she would likely also be traveling in steerage. If you look on that passenger list, you will see single women and children also traveling in steerage. The Sophie in second cabin is Sophie Habermann. I do not see any listing for her as "friend." Her entry reads: Sophie " - 20 - f [female] - none - Germany.

Other than the same first name, there is no reason to think this is your Sophie Hubeny.

What was the name of the mother's brother who was living in Chicago? Where did Franz and Joseph Hubeny settle after arriving in the U.S.? 

I think Sophie must have been on another ship.