Searching for family records of Frantisek Springer son of Josef Springer House 335 usti nad orlici, and wife of Josef Springer.

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I am also trying to locate records on Anna Nikelsova Cernover #34, and  Pavilina Stehnova Usti nad orlici #17.  P.s. Thank you for your assistance I located records of Yan Horecek, along with some Springer records. Thanks again its starting to make sense but its hard to translate in places. What location should I be looking in?



The birth, marriage and death records for Usti nad Orlici can be freely downloaded from the Zamrsk archive and are also available on Family Search. Since you were able to find the record for Josef and his parent's marriage then I am not sure why you cannot continue. All of them were from Usti. 

The record for Josef Springer jr. is here: Zamrsk Sign 6501, i 220, p. 220


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