Searching for family records of Jan Horack and wife father of Teresie Horaka who is the wife of Frantisek Lipensky who lived in House #107 Usti Nad Orlici.

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I am a descendant from the surnames Lipenky, Horaack, Springer, and Rasla, Mostly interested in Lipensky/Horack and Springer. Any information would be helpful all I have is the birth of my Grandfather Joseph, and the marriage of his parents Paoline Lipensky and Josef Frantisek Springer. Lived in house 107, and Horack in house 213. All in or around the city of usti yorl although Josef traveled alot painting churches. Time period between 1867 to 1946 +.Thank you. Belle.

Great granddaughter Belle.


The birth, marriage and death records for Usti nad Orlici can be freely downloaded from the Zamrsk archive and are also available on Family Search. Since you were able to find the record for Josef and his parent's marriage then I am not sure why you cannot continue. All of them were from Usti. 

The record for Josef Springer jr. is here: Zamrsk Sign 6501, i 220, p. 220


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