Houby Hunters Rules and Regulations

Houby Hunters Rules and Regulations Federal Alliance of Houby Hunters

Subsequent to the opening of the mushroom season, the following rules and regulations of the Cicero (Illinois) Federal Alliance of Houby Hunters are reprinted for your information. Violation of rules can result in confiscation of license, fine and/or imprisonment.

Proper Dress
1. Head Gear – Black felt cap with visor.
2. Under dress – Long underwear with sleeves, 50% wool and 50% cotton. Orlon or Dacron not permissible.
3. Neckpiece – Optional
4. Shirt – White or blue with collar detached. (This is a must).
5. Coat – Old fashioned with long pockets (WWI style).
6. Vests – Heavy twill with metal snaps (Sears & Roebuck).
7. Pants – Old suit pants with patches.
8. Belt – Heavy Cord
9. Leggings – Wrap around only (WWI style).
10. Shoes – Ankle high leather or felt.
11. Horn – Special horn with rope shoulder strap. Used to call fellow hunters when attacked by Kotrc (a large and brown mushroom).
12. Knife – 2 3/4 inch to 3 inch blade.
13. Containers – The use of brown paper bags is mandatory. (Local agreement with Denni Hlasatel, dated 9/26/25). This is to eliminate class distinction of wealthy Bohemians, i.e. Riverside Bohemians versus Cicero Bohemians.

Lunches each Houby Hunter must pack a lunch; but must use white paper bakery bags to avoid confusion with Houby containers. Standard Diet
1. Sunday – Knedlicky and Zeli with Veprovy (Pork) or Kachna (Duck).
2. Monday – Re-heat leftovers with rye bread and Kmin (caraway).
3. Friday – Plum Dumplings with melted low-priced spread.
4.Notice: Do not buy homogenized milk. On the other milk the cream can be skimmed off for father’s coffee and skim milk is good for the wife’s diet and for the children’s thirst.

Living Recommendations
1. Born in the old neighborhood
2. Make money.
3. Move to Cicero.
4. Build a 2-flat and live in the basement. (Reason being you can get more rent for the first and second floor than for renting the basement.)
5. Do not use living room.
6. Cover all furniture with bed sheets.
7. Do not heat in winter time unless guests are expected.
8. After removing screens in the fall, wash screens and put in living room against furniture at a 30 degree angle. These screens will be employed to dry Houby.
9. Should have car, 10 years old, in perfect condition, with not more than 3,000 miles.
10. Keep shined and covered.
11. Do not move from garage except on Sundays.
12. Prior to removing car from garage, scan skies for possible inclement weather. If forecast is acceptable, prepare for “Houby Hunt”.
13. Camouflage all Houby hunting equipment from neighbors.

Proceed to secret place for Houby with caution, i.e., drive thru alleys, around the block several times, down wide streets to ensure you are not being followed by neighbors who discover place for your Houby picking.

Important Incidentals
1. Wife must save all brown paper bags, string, rope, jars and all other valuable and usable articles.
2. The wife must have cold beer for father at all times and must be unquestionably obedient and frugal.
3. Father and older children should have day job at Western Electric. Wife to work at plant on third shift while father sleeps.
4. Payday – Father will take paychecks without cashing them, rides his bicycle to the Federal Savings & Loan.
5. One point to bring out is the advantage of living in the basement: one never hears of a Bohemian committing suicide by jumping out of a basement window.

This was submitted to CGSI by Dolores Benes Duy who had received it from Judith Lovaas of Crystal Lake, IL. Judith’s uncle gave this to her a long time ago.