CGSI Houston Conference - Oct 2003

The 9th Genealogical and Cultural Conference met our objective of providing a well rounded educational opportunity for our membership. The Houston Conference was tailored more heavily toward people with Moravian interests because of the large distribution of Texas Czechs with roots in the Moravian province of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

We brought in three speakers whose permanent residence is in Morovia, namely Miroslav Koudelka, Karel Kysilka, and Martin Pytr, and two speakers who were born and/or lived in Moravia, Nadia Grosser-Nagarajan and Frank Soural.

While the emphasis was placed on Moravia, there were plenty of sessions to please the interests of all, including beginning genealogy sessions, folk tales, folk music, wheat weaving, folk customs, and folk dress, Slovak and Czech history, military history and records, genetics in genealogy, Czech Vital Statistics, Land and Census Records, and sessions specific to regional areas of the Czech Republic and also in Texas.

The following pictures were taken at the Houston Conference;

     Dr. Clinton Machann, Professor at Texas A&M University,
presenting the opening keynote address “Czech Immigration
                    to Texas in the Nineteenth Century.”

               The Saturday Night Banquet sponsored by
                    the Texas Czech Genealogical Society

          Saturday Evening entertainment was provided by
                  the Houston Internatinal Folk Dancers.

                  The participants in the Parade of Kroje.
         The Kroje represent various regions of the Czech and
Slovak Republics, including Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Slovakia.

           Paul Makousky right presents Leo Baca with the
  CGSI Distinguished Achievement Award for his outstanding
       contributions to the field of Czechoslovak genealogy.

The first four pictures provided by Frank Kalbac
     - Texas Czech Genealogical Society.

The fifth picture provided by Ted Kasper
     - Texas Czech Genealogical Society.