CGSI Outstanding Contributors honored - April 2007

On April 19, 2007 an Awards Banquet was held at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul MN.

The purpose of the event organized by the Minnesota Genealogical Society was to recognize and honor outstanding volunteers from MGS and all its affiliated groups. Each group was asked to select three volunteer members to receive “Outstanding Contributor” awards. The award presentations followed a sit down dinner with music provided by a flute and harp duo. CGSI selected Gene Aksamit, Paul Makousky, and Steve Potach as our “Outstanding Contributors”.

                 Outstanding Contributors
                                    CGSI Outstanding Contributors:
                        Steve Potach, Paul Makousky, and Gene Aksamit

Gene has served as President of CGSI for 6 years and prior to that as Library Chair for 6 years. As Library Chair Gene worked to computerize our library holdings and started a section in our quarterly publication known as the Librarian’s Shelf. It listed books related to the particular theme of that issue as well as new additions to the library. During his 6 years as President he helped give direction to 3 major conferences as well as some winter symposiums. He was a key planner of the 2005 Back to the Homeland Conference taking place in Bratislava and Prague. Gene played a major role in our Day at the Archives event in Prague-which was fantastic! Presently he is conference chair for our upcoming October conference in Madison, WI and serves on the Board of Directors.

Paul is one of the founding members of CGSI and has served in several positions: Treasurer/ Membership Chair, Treasurer, and currently is our Publications Chair. He has been in that position for over 10 years. Our outstanding quarterly, Nase rodina, and bi-annual Rocenka are examples of how we benefit from his many and varied contacts. The Nase rodina has consistently grown in size, content, and excellence. In addition Paul has been a conference chair for 8 of our major conferences as well as involved in a wide variety of CGSI activities. He is a very much a detail person-he keeps us on our toes.

Steve is a long time member and has served as Vice President, served on the Board of Directors and as its Chair, been involved in the planning of the San Diego Winter Symposium, has been a conference presenter, and published in the Nase rodina. His longest running commitment has been a book publishing project first approved 8 years ago. The book is a valuable genealogical resource: History of Slovaks in America by Konstantin Culen which will be out this summer. Other people have also been involved with this project but Steve has been the one individual to pull it all together.

On behalf of the CGSI Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, CGSI members, and President Ginger Simek the three outstanding individuals received their awards along with a sincere Thank You!