2007 CGSI Genealogical/Cultural Conference - Friday

These pictures were taken on Friday during the 2007 CGSI Genealogical/Cultural Conference in Madison, WI

     Michael Cwach, Joel Blahnik, and Anita Smisek, O.P. playing and singing
                       the Czech, Slovak, and U.S. National Anthems

PhDr. Lenka Matsikova presenting the conference Keynote Address entitled
                                  “The Czech Archival System”

              Sales Room
                                                Sales Room

  Jiri Kaminek, Mary Jane Scherdin, Misa Plickova and John Leonard-Berg
                  after the “Doing Genealogy Over There” presentation

                                Dinner at the Exhibition Hall

              Polka Band
The Clete Bellin’s Polka Band provided lively entertainment Friday Evening