CGSI 20th Anniversary - April 2008

The 2008 CGSI 20th Anniversary held in in the C.S.P.S. in St. Paul, MN on April 26, 2008.

                           CGSI 20th Anniversary Logo

Dave Pavelka served as the Master of Ceremony for the 20th Anniversary

Introductory remarks were presented by Mark Bigaouette, Founder of CGSI

A history of W. 7th Street area Czechs was presented by Jim Sazevich

Mike Prohaska, CGSI Board Chair introduced the CGSI founding members

Ginger reviewed recent CGSI accomplishments and upcoming events

Paul Makousky presented pictures of the 20 years of CGSI activities

Clair Haberman explains the Certificate program to Dottie Speidel.
There have been 364 certificates processed and awarded to date.

Dottie Speidel presented the planning for this year’s Quarterly Membership meetings

Gene Aksamit described his rewarding activities with CGSI

Members that joined the first year that CGSI was organized

Back row: Gene Kubes, Leonard Ouradnik, Paul Makousky, Jim Sazevich, Mark Bigaouette
Middle row: Helen Peterson, Mary Ann Bies, Mary Halbert, Ethel Jacobson, Dave Pavelka
Front row: Millie Osman, Dolores Jorgenson, Irene Seashore, Lucille Micka, Marjorie Sobotka

The Presidents of CGSI include; Mark Bigaouette, Dave Pavelka,
Gene Aksamit, and the current president Ginger Simek

President Ginger Simek (right) presented Achievement Awards to Committee Chairs;Joyce Fagerness, Ruth Chovancek, Bob Bina and Jerry Parupsky (not present)

Paul Makousky had the honor of cutting the Anniversary cake

SOKOL members prepared and served an authentic Czech meal.

                  CGSI members enjoying a Czech meal.