CGSI Traveling Library - October 2008

Pictures taken of the CGSI Traveling Library October 18, 2008.

The pictures were taken prior to the 2008 Annual Meeting in New Prague, MN.

            Dottie Speidel
Dottie Speidel (left) assisting Jan Swerud and Phyllis Brockman

                      Research at the Traveling Library

                      Research at the Traveling Library

This year (2008) Dottie Speidel took the CGSI Traveling LIbrary to;

  • Tabor, SD (co-sponsored by the Tabor Czech Festival)
  • Clarkson, NE (co-sponsored by the Czech Fesitval and the Clarkson Public Library)
  • Ord, NE (co-sponsored by the Ord Township Library)
  • New Prague, MN

We are currently analyzing how our all-volunteer organization can do more of this effort which requires trained volunteer helpers and rather high travel and lodging costs from our Twin Cities base.