MGS Library in South St. Paul

The Minnesota Genealogy Society (MGS) is located in So. St. Paul, MN.

The library houses the MGS library, shelf space for CGSI, shelf space for a number of other Genealogy Societies and storage space for CGSI sales materials. The address of the four story building is 1185 Concord St, South St Paul, MN. Bus route 71B from downtown St. Paul.

The library is on the second floor of the four story building across from the Marathon Gas Station. Take the elevator or walk up to the second floor. Turn left to the library. Phone number is 651-455-9057.

              MGS Library
                       MGS Library on Concord Street

            MGS Entrance
                     1185 Concord Street, So. St. Paul, MN

          MGS Lobby
            The building was built in 1957. The lobby is quite spacious

            MGS Auditorium
              First Floor Auditorium has seating for 100 people

            MGS Board Room
              MGS Board Room – Fourth Floor – 1,700 square feet

               MGS Library
                   Second Floor Library Space – 5,401 square feet

                  CGSI Shelf Space
                      CGSI shelf space in the MGS library

            MGS Map
                     Map to the MGS Library