2007 CGSI Genealogical/Cultural Conference - Thursday

These pictures were taken on Thursday during the 2007 CGSI Genealogical/Cultural Conference in Madison, WI

              Immigrants Statue
             Immigrants statue at the Cudahy Historical Society Depot
                   in Cudahy, WI visited during the Milwaukee tour

              Gene Aksamit
                    Gene Aksamit, chairman of the 2007 conference,
                         welcoming attendees to the conference

              Marek Skolil
                           Marek Skolil, Consul General from the
                         Czech Consulate General of Chicago, Illinois.

              Lenka Matusikova
          PhDr. Lenka Matusikova Deputy Head of the First Department
                  of the National Archives in Prague, Czech Republic

        PhDr. Lenka Matusikova and Gene Aksamit discuss the exhibition,
              Back to One’s Roots – Our Ancestor’s Everyday Lives as
                                Shown in Archival Documents,
                    that was prepared by the Czech National Archives.

        Conference attendees examine the Archival Document Exhibition.

              Joel and Misa
              Joel Blahnik, Misa Pickova, Jiri Kaminek, Michael Cwach
                                at the Thursday evening mixer.