Records being Filmed/Digitized in the Czech and Slovak Republics

Shon Edwards, LDS Church, Salt Lake City, Utah has provided an update on the filming and digitizing of Czech and Slovak records.

Progress continues but in some situations it has become a slower process getting the images on the Internet due to priority determinations and bandwidth availability. In Litomerice censuses have been gathered from the 80 or 90 district archives and these are being filmed. In Trebon there is the possibility of obtaining a 1920 census. Land records are the next target in Opava. He feels strongly about the value of land records, he states: “Two thirds of people in the Czech lands even long ago owned land and that it was often passed from father to son through the generations. This is especially important in the pre-Battle of White Mountain days, when many of the Protestant church records were destroyed. Land records are the key after there are no more church records. Censuses are great, but usually not complete in Czechoslovakia/Austria, scattered about in the thousands of okresni (district) archives.” Bratislava (Slovak Republic), the archival area and the city, is a large project. The archive images are about to go on the Internet followed by the city. The city will include the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Jewish records.

To get to these records, go to,, hover over “Search records” (directly under FamilySearch), and click on “Record Search pilot”. In the new window click “Browse our record collections” half-way down the screen. Click on the Europe map, and then select the project you want.

In spite of his comments that progress has slowed, remember in a relatively short time there has been tremendous accomplishments in making these records more accessible.

Another encouraging report comes from Dr. Lenka Matusikova, Czech National Archives in Prague where the Jewish vital record registers are kept. The digitization of these registers has started. There are 4,000 volumes so this will be a big task.