CGSI Quarterly Program - May 2011

A Quarterly Program was held May 21, 2011 at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Litomysl, MN.

The program included history of Czech immigration to Steele County, Minnesota, highlighting where the immigrants came from, the organizations they established, and the records available for those researching family history.

                        Holy Trinity
                                Holy Trinity Catholic Church

                        Mike Wolesky
        Mike Wolesky spoke on the History of Czechs in Steele County.

Mike Wolesky is a third generation Czech American, raised in Steele Country who now lives in Newport, Minnesota and works as a legal editor. He has written a book about Steele Settlement in Steele County, Minnesota. He started writing the book in 2003 after a trip to the Czech Republic.

                        Steve Wencl
                Steve Wencl spoke on Steele County Lodges.

Steve Wencl is a lifelong resident of Steele County and a longtime member of CGSI who has contributed articles to the Nase rodina, speaks and reads Czech, has traveled to the Czech Republic three times, and has genalogy contacts there. He is a longtime ZCBJ/WFLA member, and contributes monographs on local Czech History to the Owatonna library.

The Area of Emmigration that the Steele County, MN immigrants came from in the Bohemia and Moravia area is shown on the attached map.

Origins from Bohemia and Moravia are shown for the Local Czech Families.

The Timeline shows when events occurred in the development of Steele County, MN.

The Land as owned by Czech Settlers in 1879 in Steele County, MN.

The Timeline shows when lodges were built in the development of Steele County, MN.