CGSI Quarterly Program - October 2012

A CGSI Quarterly program was held at the MGS Auditorium So. St. Paul, MN.

Two presentations were given at the October Program;

  • Using Pamatnik as a Genealogical Resource by Reverend Jan Dus
  • Why My Austro-Hungarian ancestors were neither Austrian nor Hungarian – by Paul Valasek

Read about the Pamatnik Book

Read about My Austro-Hungarian Ancestors

The program was followed by the Annual Member Meeting

            Jan Dus
          Reverend Jan Dus signing a copy of the Pamatnik book

               Paul Valasek
                                             Paul Valasek

              Jan Dus
                    Reverend Jan Dus and Mike Prohaska

              Jan Dus
             Carolyn Janka, Paul Janka and Reverend Jan Dus

              Suzette Steppe, Kathy Jorgenson and Pam Peltier

                          Dave Pavelka and Mike Prohaska

                              Sales Chair Jerry Parupsky

              Paul, Paul Carolyn and Bob
          Paul Makousky, Paul Janka, Carolyn Janka and Bob Bina

                          CGSI President Ginger Simek

                              Dave and Deb Pavelka

                                    Kathy Jorgenson

         Board of Directors
                   CGSI Board of Directors and Officers – October 2012

     l to r: Barb Vermeer, Gene Aksamit, Mary Jane Scherdin, Steve Parke,
              Lisa Alzo, Ginger Simek, Paul Valasek, Ruth Ahrens, Tom Kajer,
              Kathy Jorgenson, Tony Kadlec, Pamela Kotval
              BOD members not pictured are: Carolyn Janka, Rosie Bodien,
              and John Sabol

         CGSI Committee Chairs
                  CGSI Officers and Committee Chairs – October 2012

     l to r: Kathy Jorgenson, Barb Vermeer, Barb Douvier, Bob Bina,
              Joyce Fagerness, Suzette Steppe, Paul Makousky, Pam Peltier,
              Ginger Simek, Pamela Kotval, Tony Kadlec, Ruth Ahrens, Tess Dirksen

Photos courtesy of Ric Peltier