CGSI held its 25th Anniversary - March 2013

CGSI 25th Anniversary celebration and Quarterly Program was held March 2013.

The 25th Anniversary Program was held at the Faith Presbyterian Church, 12007 Excelsior Boulevard, Minnetonka, MN 55343

Dave Pavelka gave a short history of the Czech Roots of Faith Presbyterian Church, followed by “The CGSI Story”, an interactive dialogue with the past presidents, led by Dave, about the past, present and future of CGSI.

Steve Potach talked about the Board of Directors actions and the decisions to translate and publish Czechs in America and Slovaks in America.

Gene Aksamit provided a history of early CGSI actions including the 2005 Back to the Homeland Conference planning and implementation, plus the Day at the Archive in Prague and work that was performed by the archive, led by Lenka Matusikova who put together the Back to One’s Roots exhibit.

Ginger Simek discussed many of the actions of CGSI including the hacking of our web site by hackers from Turkey. It took two weeks for us to restructure the web site. Ginger called the FBI and had them investigate the problem.

Kathy Jorgenson discussed the current situation of CGSI.

Ed Vavra gave a talk about Reverend Kun, who was a Czech Missionary of the Midwest, and the legacy he left.

            Anniversary Cake
                                           25th Anniversary Cake

            Emblem Cake
                                           CGSI Emblem Cake

      Presidents Gene Aksamit (2001-2006), Ginger Simek (2007-2012),              Kathy Jorgenson (2013-) and Dave Pavelka (1998-2000)

                                      CGSI Sales Chair Jerry Parupsky

      Pam Peltier, Barb Douvier, Kathy Jorgenson, and Suzette Steppe

                           Ruth Ahrens, Garnet Bina and Pam Peltier

                                     Presenter Steve Potach

                                     Presenter Ginger Simek

                                     Presenter Gene Aksamit

                                     Presenter Kathy Jorgenson

                                     Presenter Pat Slaber

                                     Presenter Ed Vavra

    Pat Slaber recording the presentations in the form of a webinar

Photos courtesy of Ric Peltier