Here’s what has gone on and what is going on with CGSI.

CGSI held its 25th Anniversary - March 2013

CGSI 25th Anniversary celebration and Quarterly Program was held March 2013.

25 Years of Pictures

The following pictures show activities of the first 25 years of CGSI.


The Distinguished Service Award was presented to Ginger Simek at the Quarterly Program held October 2012.

CGSI Quarterly Program - October 2012

A CGSI Quarterly program was held at the MGS Auditorium So. St. Paul, MN.

CGSI has recently partnered with PayPal

CGSI has recently partnered with PayPal to offer another option for CGSI purchases. Note that you can still also purchase a membership or a sales item(s) using a Visa, Master Card, or American Express credit card.

CGSI Quarterly Program - August 2012

A CGSI Quarterly Program was held at the MGS library building Saturday August 18, 2012.

Periodicals Available for Members/Organizations

CGSI has numerous Czech & Slovak yearly annuals that we would like to make available to our members and any interested Czech/Slovak organizations.

Czech and Slovak Archive Collections

Structure of state regional/provincial archives in the Czech Republic

SLC Symposium March 2012

CGSI Symposium was held in Salt Lake City, UT