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Volume 30 Number 3 Sep 2018 Theme: Unexpected Communities of Slovak Settlement in the U.S.
  • The Early History of South Elmdale Congregational Church
  • The Slovaks of Roslyn, WA
  • Slovak (Prairie County), Arkansas
  • Hooks Farm through the Generations
  • Visiting Clergy from Oklahoma
Volume 30 Number 2 Jun 2018 Theme: Czechs in South Dakota
  • Bon Homme and Yankton County Czech Migration: Troubles, Trials, and Triumphs
  • Czechs Come to Brule County, South Dakota
  • Autobiography of John J. Yirsa
  • Origins and History of the First Bohemian Presbyterian Church of Eagle, SD
  • A Life Long Journey
Volume 30 Number 1 Mar 2018 Theme: Meanings and Sources for Czech and Slovak Surnames/Village Names
  • Frequent Slovak surnames: their meaning and origin
  • Žiška or Křenek – Household surnames in the Czech past
  • Following the Kansas Czech Trail: Research Resources for the Historic
    Kansas Czech Settlements – Part II – Northeast Kansas
  • Names of the Czech Villages and Towns They Came from
  • Collecting Rusyn Church Histories, a 30-Year Passion
Volume 29 Number 4 Dec 2017 Theme: Czech and Slovak Cemeteries
  • The Final Resting Place of the Nation’s Finest
  • How to Search for Slovak Graves
  • Among the Gravestones: My Quest for Family in Prague
  • The Living Celebrate the Dead in Slovakia’s Cemeteries
  • Following the Kansas Czech Trail: Research Resources for the
    Historic Kansas Czech Settlements: Part I – Sources with a Broad Stroke
Volume 29 Number 3 Sep 2017 Theme: Noble Families and Peasants/Serfs
  • Nobility in Upper Hungary (Slovakia)
  • Slovak Peasants in Hungary Prior to World War I
  • Bohemian Serfs – Part I
  • Bohemian Serfs – Part II – The Village Headman
  • Bohemian Serfs – Part III – Social Disciplining
  • Bohemian Noble Families
Volume 29 Number 2 Jun 2017 Theme: Czech Settlements in Idaho
  • Czechoslovakian Culture in the Buhl – Castleford Area
  • My Slovak Grandfathers in Pennsylvania
  • Little Falls – “Second” Myjava
  • Education in Early Bohemia
  • Czech and Double Czech of Idaho II – Z.Č.B.J. / W.F.L.A. Lidice – Lodge No. 208 Nampa and Surrounding Area
  • Profiling the Village of Chmeľová (formerly Komloša), Slovakia
Volume 29 Number 1 Mar 2017 Theme: Slovaks, Rusyns and Czechs in Western PA
  • Rusyn Roots, A History of Holy Ghost Byzantine Catholic Church in McKees Rocks, PA
  • Discovering Duquesne’s Slovak and Rusyn Cluster Communities
  • Milan Getting and the Czechoslovak Concept
  • The Catholics, Protestants and Free Thinkers of Bohemian Hill
  • Stare mordy – Old Crimes in Bohemia
Volume 28 Number 2 Jun 2016 Theme:Families and Geography of the Policka Region
  • Policka, an Important East Bohemia Market Town
  • Summary of Inhabitants of the Policka dominion in 1829
  • Teleci, Village of My Ancestors, Past and Present
  • The Pouls of Korouhev
  • The History of a Bohemian Village, Borova
  • In Search of My Ancestors’ Lives in Muran, Muranska Dlha Luka, and Murany Lehota, Slovakia-Part I
  • Lukasova Lípa (Singing Linden Tree) and our Dvorak’s of Teleci Story
  • History of the Village of Siroky Dul near Policka
Volume 28 Number 3 Sep 2016 Theme:Czech and Slovak Land Records
  • Land Records in Slovakia
  • In Search of My Ancestors’ Lives in Muran, Muraska Dlha Luka, and Murany Lehota – Part II
  • Czech Land Registers (Pozemkove knihy)
  • Hessoun Bohemian Catholic Orphanage in Fenton, St. Louis County, Missouri
  • The Construction and Development of Hessoun Orphanage
  • Dreams of a Great Small Nation
Volume 28 Number 4 Dec 2016 Theme: Genealogical Repositories in Prague
  • American Czechs and Vojta Naprstek
  • Family Research in the Collections of the State Regional Archives in Prague
  • A Guide to the National Archives Collections for the Family Researchers
  • Genealogical Resources of the Prague City Archives
  • The Construction and Development of Hessoun Orphanage Part II – The Czech Nuns and Orphans Arrive
Volume 28 Number 1 March 2016 Theme: Carpatho-Rusyn Settlements in Eastern US
  • The Rusyn Communities of Pottstown and Mont Clare, PA
  • Seigniorial Registers at the Trebon Archive
  • Carpatho-Rusyns in Connecticut: High Drama in a Small State
  • Carpatho-Rusyn Fraternals: Their Origins, History, and Present Present State
Volume 27 Number 3 September 2015 Theme: Introduction to the Slovak Archives
  • Slovak National Archives – Eight Centuries of Slovak History Knowledge
  • Possibilities of Genealogical Research in Kosice region archives
  • The State Regional Archives in Presov: Use of Holdings of the State Regional Archives in Slovakia for Genealogical Research
  • National Shrine of the Infant of Jesus of Prague
  • History of Pilsen, Kansas
Volume 27 Number 4 December 2015 Theme: Passenger List Search Sources
  • Beyond The Arrival Date: Examining Other Clues in US Passenger Lists
  • A One-Step Portal for On-Line Genealogy
  • Chods – The Border Guards
  • Nanticoke, Pennsylvania Slovaks
  • Czech and German Surnames of Czechs
  • U.S. Immigration Via Quebec
  • Using Lesser Known Passenger Arrival Sources to Locate Your Ancestor(s)
Volume 27 Number 2 June 2015 Theme: Czech and Slovak Folk Art and Artisans
  • A snip here, a snip there and glory! Spotlight on Czech vystrihonka or scissor cut artist Kornelie Nemeckov
  • Rare folk instruments lovingly created in a remote Slovak village by Tibor Koblicek…fujary, pistalky, animal headed gajdy and even one from centuries ago, the Ninera!
  • Czeching Out the Art of Bobbin Lacemaking
  • Kraslice: Colorful decorated eggs reflect richness of Czech and Slovak folk art
  • History of Czech Settlement in Iowa, Part II – Northeast Iowa
Volume 27 Number 1 March 2015 Theme: Czechs in Iowa
  • History of Czech Settlement in Iowa – Part I Southern Iowa
  • Bugas Family in Frontier Wyoming
  • Reflections of a Descendant of Iowa Czech Immigrants
  • Czech It Out . . . in Cedar Rapids
  • Dates for Local Miss Czech and Slovak Pageants
  • CGSI to Implement new Membership Rates and Benefits
  • Novy Hrozenkov History
  • Novy Hrozenkov Cadastral Record
  • Autobiography of Frantisek Swehla
Volume 26 Number 4 December 2014 Theme: Czechs, Rusyns, and Slovaks of Alabama
  • The Czechs of Gulf Coast Alabama
  • Brookside, AL; An Early and Improbable Slavic Outpost in the Deep South
  • Vaclav Mildorf: From Bohemia to Alabama
  • Language Aids for the Czech Genealogist
  • Fasiangy (Shrovetide Prelenten Carnival Time)
  • Bethlehem Bohemian Congregational Church in St. Louis, MO
  • Keeping Czech Culture Alive: The Baldwin County Polka Band
Volume 26 Number 3 September 2014 Theme: Czech and Slovak History
  • Wallachs and the Great War
  • Anti-Habsburg Nobility Uprisings 1604-1711
  • Basic Reading of Czech Church Records – Part II
  • The Making of a National Hero: A Book Review
  • Tombstone Project in Butler County, Nebraska
  • The Altar of Our Freedom: Czech-American Service and Sacrifice in the American Civil War
Volume 26 Number 2 June 2014 Theme: Key Websites for Czech and Slovak Genealogy
  • Databases, Documents, and DNA Matches: New Online Resources for Slovak Genealogists
  • Basic Reading of Czech Church Records: Part I
  • Story of a Civil War photo
  • Websites Useful for Czech Genealogical Research
  • Peasantry Levels, Occupations and Personal Descriptions found in Czech Records
  • Beginning Czech Genealogy Research: Oh The Sites You Will See!
  • CGSI 2014 Genealogical, Cultural and Historical Symposium
Volume 26 Number 1 March 2014 Theme: Czechs, Slovaks and Rusyns of Colorado
  • Czech Settlers in Colorado – The First Half Century
  • Ancient Gold Mines in Jeseniky Mountain Area, Czech Republic
  • Slovaks and Carpatho-Rusyns in Colorado: Miners, Mill Workers, Ranchers
  • The Nonat Healing Salve Returns
  • Bohemian Boudoir Exhibit
  • History of the Jews in Bohemia
  • History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Slovakia, Part II
  • History of the Byzantine Catholic Church in the Western U.S.
Volume 25 Number 4 December 2013 Theme: DNA and Genealogy
  • Czech DNA Project: Background and Update
  • Finding Your Genetic DNA Cousins One Geographic Location at a Time
  • Oral Histories Can Enhance Family Research
  • Ruthenian (Rusyn) Immigrants in Missouri’s Lead Belt
  • Youth Partnering Project to Grow Membership
  • An Unexpected Cousin Connection at Chicago Conference
  • Call for Papers: 2015 Cedar Rapids Conference
  • Blahnik Family Genealogical and DNA Research
  • History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Slovakia, Part I
  • Webinars Come to CGSI
  • Recap of the Chicago Conference
Volume 25 Number 3 September 2013 Theme: Ancestral Occupations in Slovakia
  • Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker — What our ancestors did to earn their daily bread
  • From Flax to Linen
  • Searching the 1891 Industry and Trade Directory of Hungary
  • Occupations of the Landless Peasantry in Slovakia
  • World War II Stories Emerge From the Chinese Lacquer Boxes
  • The History of Firefighting in Slovakia
  • Chicago’s Worst Tragedy Occurred in the Chicago River
  • Ruthenian (Rusyn) Immigrants in St. Louis, Missouri
Volume 25 Number 1 March 2013 Theme: CGSI's 25th Anniversary
  • 25th of Accomplishments of CGSI
  • How Genealogy and CGSI has changed my life . .
  • My Experiences in Slovak Genealogy
  • Reflections of a Czech Genealogist
  • My Reflections on CGSI and Genealogy
  • A Call for Volunteers – Slovak Electronic Resources in Family Search
  • Tribute to Fellow CGSI Member Karleen Chott Sheppard
  • Researching in Genealogy . .
  • A multi-generational Slovak-American saga
  • Preparing for the Chicago Conference
  • From Malcov to Charleroi, PA
  • Traces of the Bednasek Family Lodge Trail
Volume 24 Number 4 December 2012 Theme: Czechs and Slovaks in Chicago
  • A Historical Look at Czech Chicagoland
  • Moving to Chicago, One Family’s Story
  • Pamatnik, Memorial of Czech Protestant Congregrations in the US
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of Dr. Martin Luther, Chicago, IL
  • Early Slovaks in Chicago
  • The Church of St. Marys of Bechyn (MN) Book Review
  • Chicago’s Grand Crossing Czech Community
  • St. Peter’s Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Monkey Run, MO
  • Meeting Jan Hus in Praha
Volume 24 Number 3 September 2012 Theme: Using Online Czech and Slovak Archive Records
  • Researching Czech pre-1900 Church Records Online
  • Slovak Archives Research for Dummies
  • Slate of Candidates for Office
  • Proposed Bylaw Change
  • Interview of Ol’ga Glosikova on The Rusyn Museum in Presov
  • Wilber Nebraska’s Czech Cultural Center Nears Completion
  • Research to the Zamrsk Regional Archives – From the Comfort of Home
  • Finding Your Slovak Roots Online: Super Sources and Search Secrets
  • CGSI’s 2013 Chicago Conference, Highlights You Can Look Forward To
  • Pamatnik book, Memorial of Czech Protestant Churches in the USA
Volume 24 Number 2 June 2012 Theme: Slovaks and Rusyns in New Jersey
  • The Slovaks of Newark, New Jersey
  • I Remember Grandpa
  • Carpatho-Rusyn Immigrants’ New Homeland – and Their Own City! – in New Jersey
  • CGSI Church Record Database Milestone and Volunteer Recognition
  • CGSI’s Salt Lake City Genealogical Symposium
  • Researching the Czech and Slovak Records at FHL
  • Military Search Success Story
  • Searching the German Records at LDS
  • Slovaks in New Jersey: An Overview
  • Experiences of a Bohemian Emigrant Family