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Volume 17 Number 4 December 2005 Theme: Passports and Permission to Emigrate Records
  • Emigration Information from the Litomysl District Archive
  • Passport Documents in the Slovak Archives and Their Use
  • 2005 Back to the Homeland Conference Highlights
  • Permission to Emigrate Records from Northern Moravia
  • Passport Requests to the USA from Austrian Silesia (1850-1909)
  • Reisepass of Frantisek Kalal
  • The Regional State Archives in Prague and Genealogy
Volume 17 Number 3 September 2005 Theme: Musical Instruments from the Czech and Slovak Lands
  • Zadudej Dudacku!! (Bagpiper Play!!)
  • An Overview of Violin Making in Egerland (Chebsko)
  • Anton Simek: The Czech Pioneer’s Role in Owatonna’s Early History
  • A History of the Trombone in the Czech Lands
  • The Czech Cimbal or Dulcimer, A Moravian Folk Instrument from its Past to the Present
  • A Recollection of Grandma’s Zither
Volume 17 Number 2 June 2005 Theme: Occupations and Employers of Slovak Immigrants
  • What Slovak and Slavic People Contributed to the Mining Industry?
  • Finding Slovak Vital Records
  • FEEFHS Conference Update
  • Life of Subjects in Tekov County Slovakia in the 18th Century
  • Hat City Slovaks – The Hatting Industry and the Slovak Community of Danbury, Connecticut
  • Mayoral Visit from Rusyn Village in Slovakia
  • Which Way EJ? The Shoemaking Company That Gave Immigrants a Break!
  • Surfing for Slovak Ancestors
  • New York’s Sokol Legacy from 1867
Volume 17 Number 1 March 2005 Theme: Slovak and Czech Settlements of Cleveland
  • Slovak and Bohemian Parishes of Cleveland 1942
  • Czech Settlements in 19th Century Cleveland, Ohio
  • “Wisdom built a home for herself”: The Strahov Library in Prague
  • Czech and Slovak Wedding Traditions
  • Nativity BVM Parish lives on as part of Cleveland’s Slovak Community
  • FEEFHS Convention 2005
Volume 16 Number 4 December 2004 Theme: Sokol Halls and Organizations in the USA
  • Bohemians on Broadway
  • Sokol Karel Havlicek Borovsky, Ennis, Texas
  • Slovak Catholic Sokol
  • Auditorium in Wilber, NE offically recognized
  • A Brief History of Sokol South Omaha
  • Call for Translators
  • CGSI announces Members Only section on their web site
  • The Building of Lodge Cech #12, CSPS in St. Paul. Minnesota
  • Selo Moje! Saris County Cousins Connect in Cyberspace
  • “Matvijas are Everywhere!”
  • The Long Road Back Home”
  • The “Accidental Genealogist”
  • Simplified Czech and Slovak Character Support in Genealogical Applications
  • CGSI 4th Winter Symposium February 11-12, 2005
  • Opava Archive Project Completed
Volume 16 Number 3 September 2004 Theme: Some Czech-born Personalities in America
  • The Reymershoffers – Early Texas Czech Entrepreneurs
  • Tomas Capek, a great literary and historical figure
  • Vaclav Frantisek Severa, Druggist and Philanthropist
  • Slate of Candidates for Elective office, 2005-2007 Officers, Chairs and Directors
  • Jan Rosicky, Noted Czech Newspaper Publisher
  • Nelahozeves, A zamek reclaimed
  • Memoirs of Czech Settlers in America – Frantisek Korbel
  • Slovaks of Bridgeport, Connecticut
Volume 16 Number 2 June 2004 Theme: Czech and Slovak Settlements in Eastern Wisconsin
  • The Czechs in Caledonia, Wisconsin
  • Rosemary Lindlan, CGSI Secretary Remembered
  • Slovak Immigrants to Southeastern Wisconsin
  • Characteristics of Wisconsin as a “Mini-Europe”
  • My Little Czech Glass Family
  • The Wagon trail: Following Caledonia Czechs Westward
Volume 16 Number 1 March 2004 Theme: Kroje (Folk Dress) of the Czech/Slovak Republics
  • Traditional German-Bohemian Tracht
  • Czech Archive Update
  • Bohemian Kroje – The Ultimate Celebration of Personal and Cultural Identity
  • A Feast for the Eyes – Moravia’s Magnificent Folk Dress
  • Treasures of Embroidery, Beading, Leather and Lace – Slovakia’s Varied & Splendid Folk Dress
Volume 15 Number 4 December 2003 Theme: Czech and Slovak Military History
  • The Kingdom of Bohemia during the Thirty Years War
  • Announcing “Back to the Homeland 2005”
  • The Turks are coming!
  • Chronicles of the Houston Conference
  • 1866 War Story
  • St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Baltimore, Maryland
  • The Battle of Three Emperors at Slavkov (Austerlitz) in 1805
  • The Battle of Austerlitz (The Fight of Signals 1805)
  • Antonin and Josefa Sykora History
Volume 15 Number 3 September 2003 Theme: Czech and Slovak Museums in the U.S.
  • Czech and Slovak Heritage is Alive and Thriving in Oak Brook, Illinois
  • Slate of Candidates for Elective Office 2004-2006 Officers, Chairs and Directors
  • About the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library
  • The Origin of the Texas Wedding Song
  • Wisconsin Slovak Museum and Heritage Center
  • How Vital are those “Vital Records?” continued from March 2003 issue
  • Family Certificate’s Awarded
  • Wilber’s Czech Museum – A Treasure of Culture
  • The Oxford Junction Iowa Heritage Museum Tells a Story
  • Texas Czech Heritage and Cultural Center (TCHCC) LaGrange, Texas
  • Serf, Villeins, Nobles et al.
  • Haugen Area Historical Museum
Volume 15 Number 2 June 2003 Theme: Minnesota's Ethnic Settlements from Czech/Slovak Lands
  • German-Bohemian Immigration in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • The Slovaks and Their Settlement of the “Bohemian Flats”
  • A Survey of Czech Settlements in Minnesota
  • The Rusins of Minnesota
  • Announcing the “Wall of Honor”
  • Early Immigration and Settlement Patterns of German-Bohemian to New Ulm and Brown County, MN
  • The Czech Settlements in Montgomery and New Prague, MN
Volume 15 Number 1 March 2003 Theme: Moravians, Silesians and Bohemians in Texas
  • My Silesian Heritage
  • Czech and Czech-Moravian Footsteps in the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas
  • Nasa Babka
  • Houston Conference Tours
  • One Hundred Years Ago in Bastrop County, Texas
  • How Vital are those “Vital Records?”
  • Czech Immigration to Texas 1896-1906, Statistically Speaking
  • Texas Czech Research Opportunity in Houston
Volume 14 Number 4 December 2002 Theme: Hrady, Zamky and Tvrze (System of Fortifications)
  • The History of Czech Castles in the Work of August Sedlacek
  • The Best-Known Castles in Moravia
  • The Trials and Tribulations of Anna Jaros
  • Holic – Summer residence of the Imperial Royal Hapsburg Family
  • The Miramare of Slovacko (A History of the Castle of Svetlov)
  • Big Bang in Czech Telephone Numbers
  • The Slovak Institute in Cleveland, Ohio, reopens to the public
  • Castles, Chateaux and Country Estates in Slovakia
  • A “tvrz” in Uncovice, Moravia
  • The Passage (In Commemoration of the Hundredth Anniversary of the Arrival of Jan and Maria Zetts To America)
  • Czech and Slovak Cultural Center of Minnesota
Volume 14 Number 3 September 2002 Theme: Czech and Slovak Women in America
  • In Quiet Pursuit of the Good – A Profile of Alice Garrigue Masaryk by Carol Jean Smetana
  • New Prague Cemetery Inventory by Gene Kubes
  • Rose Rosicky by Margie Sobotka
  • Serfdom in Bohemia by Richard G. Long
  • Among the Emigrants by Bozena Pavlikova
  • Generation to Generation: The Slovak Woman’s Role in Preserving Culture and Traditions by Lisa A. Alzo
  • Newspapers… can you read between the lines? by Sandra Hynek
Volume 14 Number 2 June 2002 Theme: Czech Republic and Slovakia Archives
  • Professional Genealogists’ Experience With the Work at Czech Archives
  • The Most Important Sources for Family Research in Slovak Archives
  • Prince’s and Baron’s….are the stories true?
  • My Czech Roots
  • A Call for Papers…9th Genealogical/Cultural Conference
  • System of Slovak Archives and Their Use
  • Genealogical Resources at the State Central Archives in Prague
Volume 14 Number 1 March 2002 Theme: Czechs, Slovaks and German-Bohemians in Michigan
  • Czech and Slovak Roots in Mid-Michigan
  • Crossing Borders – Czechs and Germans in Menominee, Michigan
  • Someone’s Trash Can be a Genealogist’s Treasure
  • Czech, Slovak and German-Bohemian Immigration to Michigan
  • Recollections of Frantisek Slavik, Born in Region of Pribram
  • Origin of Immigrants Settling Near Bannister, Michigan
Volume 13 Number 4 December 2001 Theme: Beginners Guide to Czech and Slovak Research
  • Identifying and Locating Your Ancestral Village
  • Pittsburgh Conference A Smashing Success
  • So . . . What’s in a Name?
  • Discovering Mother’s Family in Slovakia
  • Reconnect with Family Using Czech and Slovak Telephone Directories
  • 2001 Conference Sessions Audio Tape Order Form
Volume 13 Number 3 September 2001 Theme: Jewish Settlements and History in Czech and Slovak Lands
  • Sucany – A Rock, A Hill, A Brook – A little Town in Slovakia
  • Immigration Through Canada to the U.S.
  • Bohemian Jews – Chicago and Kolin
  • Doudleby nad Orlici
  • Sources For Jewish Genealogical Research In Bohemia
  • Slate of Candidates for Elective office 2002 Officers, Chairs and Directors
  • Proposed Bylaw Changes
  • Jewish Genealogy Potpourri
Volume 13 Number 2 June 2001 Theme: Transportation used by Immigrants
  • 19th Century Travel in the Homeland
  • Trans-Atlantic Migration: The Routes, the Ports, the Ships
  • A Journey Through Time
  • Genealogical Sources in Bohemia, Part VII – Parish Records
  • Announcing the “Wall of Honor”
  • Slovak Book Projects Underway
Volume 13 Number 1 March 2001 Theme: Slovaks, Czechs, Rusyns of Pittsburgh and Vicinity
  • Western Pennsylvania – The New “Homeland” for Carpatho-Rusyns
  • Historian Josef Polisensky Remembered
  • “Three Slovak Women”
  • Western Pennsylvania Slovak Cultural Association
  • Genealogical Success Story
  • From North of the Danube to Southwestern, PA – A Place the People from Slovakia Call Home
  • A Thousand Years Ago in the Czech and Slovak Lands
  • Family Certificates Awarded
  • The Pittsburgh Czech Community of Bohemia Hill and Spring Garden
  • The Carpatho-Rusyn Society – Young and Dynamic
  • Immigration to Pittsburgh 1880-1899
Volume 12 Number 4 December 2000 Theme: The Moravians of North Moravia
  • History of Studena Loucka
  • Roznov pod Radhostem – Wallachian Open Air Museum
  • Toleration Churches
  • Grandpa Worked Here
  • Northeast Moravaia Through My Eyes
  • History of Music in Silver Lake, Minnesota
  • Moravian Brethren from the Czechlands
Volume 12 Number 3 September 2000 Theme: Slovaks and Czechs in Canada
  • Early Slovak Immigration to Canada: The Slovaks of Port William, Ontario
  • Index to 1901 Census/Thunder Bay, Rainy River, Kenora
  • A Short History of the Czechs in Canada
  • History of Esterhazy and Area Settlements
  • Czechs and Slovaks of Esterhazy, Saskatchewan
  • Recommended Bylaw Changes
  • San Diego Winter Symposium
  • The Czechs in the Province of Manitoba, Canada
  • The First Slovak Settlement in Canada – Hun’s Valley
  • The Morning and Afternoon of My Life
Volume 12 Number 2 June 2000 Theme: U.S. Ports of Immigration
  • Castle Garden – America’s First Immigrant Receiving Station
  • The Southern Route: New Orleans and Galveston Arrivals
  • Baffled by Old German Script?
  • Resources on the emigration from the area of Kutna Hora to America
  • A Call for Papers – 8th Genealogical/Cultural Conference
  • South Bohemia to Southern MN: Discovering 1860s Baltimore Link
  • CGSI Website Redesign Help
  • Candidates Sought for Offices
  • On Discovering A Stranger’s Sad Story
  • Sources for Czech Arrivals in New Orleans and Galveston
Volume 12 Number 1 March 2000 Theme: The Czechs and German-Bohemians in the Banat
  • Czechs in the Romanian Banat
  • Life Of Czech Settlers In The 19th To The Turn Of The 20th Century
  • 1999 Conference Videotape For Sale
  • Century Certificates Awarded
  • Small Carpathians are a Wonderful Escape Into Nature
  • Frantisek Znamenacek, First Czech Public School Teacher in Saline County, NE
  • Bohemians in the Banat
  • A Ticket to Success
  • The Librarian’s Shelf
  • The Peasant Museum Kojakovice (South Bohemia)
  • SVU World Congress Washington, DC, August 9-13, 2000 – Call for Papers
  • Report from GENTECH 2000
Volume 11 Number 4 December 1999 Theme: The Rusyns (Ruthenians) in Slovakia
  • What is a Rusyn?
  • Some Reflections on the Future of CGSI in the New Millenium
  • Finding Your Carpatho-Rusyn Ancestral Village
  • Looking for Jan Zizka
  • Rusin Emigration to the U.S. from Slovakia
  • 1999 Conference Color Photo Spread (12 photos)
  • Slovakia’s Far East: Remains of Ruthenian culture scattered through the tiny valleys
  • Who are the Ruthenians?
  • The Librarian’s Shelf – list of books about Rusyns and more
  • Pioneer Certificates Awarded
  • The Slovak History and Culture Conference (Cedar Rapids, IA)
  • Comments on the Glassheim review of “100 Tales from Sudetenland”
  • 1999 Conference Sessions on Tape