Czech Marriage Certificate

Embassy of the Czech Republic

The Czech Embassy in Washington D.C. no longer processes genealogy research requests.

If you need to obtain a marriage certificate for an immediate family member, you may contact the Embassy of the Czech Republic:

3900 Spring of Freedom St.
Washington D.C. 20008

VISA Office Phone
(202) 363-6308

(202) 274-9100


(202) 966-8540

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Application for Marriage Certificate

Zadost o oddaci list
Name of husband: /Jmeno manzela/:
Maiden name of wife: /Rodne jmeno manzelky/:
Date of marriage: Datum snatku/:
Place of marriage: /Misto snatku/:
District: /Okres/:
Date and place of birth of husband: /Datum a misto narozeni manzela/:
Date and place of birth of wife: /Datum a misto narozeni manzelky/::
Enclosures: consular fee $10 for the above certificate. – stamped self-addressed envelope for certified mail. – consular fee $14, for the translation /if requested/. – The consular fee is to be made in MONEY ORDER payable to the Embassy of the Czech Republic.
Name and address of applicant: