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Here the the latest available archive links for the Czech and Slovak Republics:

Czech Republic
Western Bohemia – Plzeň
Northern Bohemia – Litoměřice
Central Bohemia Region
Southern Bohemia – Třeboň
Eastern Bohemia – Zámrsk
Northern Moravia – Opava
Southern Moravia – Brno
Prague City Archives
Jewish Records in the Czech Republic

Since 2002, Slovakia is divided into 8 autonomous regions (kraj). Detailed instructions for genealogical research and more about each region can be found at FamilySearch Wiki and Using Family Search.

The 8 regions in Slovakia are:

Banská Bystrica Region (Banskobystrický kraj)
Bratislava Region
Košice Region (Košický kraj)
Nitra Region (Nitriansky kraj)
Prešov Region (Prešovský kraj)
Trnava Region (Trnavský kraj)
Trenčín Region (Trenčiansky kraj)
Žilina Region (Žilinský kraj)