How to find records

Records Where to find the Records
Family Records Living family members, former possessions of deceased members; family Bibles, diaries, letters, photos, scrapbooks; local & state historical societies; LDS
Obituaries Local & ethnic newspapers – historical societies, libraries; family records & scrapbooks, membership & fraternal organization publications
Naturalization records Courthouse, usually in the Clerk of Courts Office; state historical societies & affiliates
U.S. census records State historical societies; LDS; public libraries (local area censuses)
State, county or town histories CGSI library, county & state genealogical & historical society libraries, public & university libraries, LDS
Baptismal & marriage certificates Czech & Slovak Archives. CGSI has forms for requesting information from the archives (Information is more important than a certificate)
County maps & road atlases Public & university libraries; CGSI library, purchase from various sources including CGSI, tourism offices, several web resources. historical and contemporary
Gazetteers Public & university libraries, CGSI library; state & county genealogical society libraries
Leo Baca’s Czech Immigration Passenger Lists CGSI library, state & county genealogical society libraries, state historical society libraries, large public libraries. All records available in a searchable database in the Member Home section of this website.
Original passenger lists on microfilm and other immigration records Order from U.S. National Archives (catalog in CGSI library & many public libraries), FamilySearch; state historical society libraries; American Genealogical Lending Library; first and second papers, alien registration, other, Ellis Island on-line, U.S. Dept. Homeland Security
Czech & Slovak town books CGSI Library
Czech & Slovak State Archives Located in the Czech & Slovak Republics. See Using Archives ; professional researches
Czech & Slovak telephone directories CGSI library or Internet at for Czech Republic & for Slovakia
1651 religious census & 1654 Berni rula property census CGSI library
Names of professional genealogical researchers for the Czech & Slovak Republics CGSI Web Site, CGSI quarterly Nase rodina, & CGSI Executive Committee members
Surname Index – CGSI members and family members being researched CGSI library or can be purchased from CGSI
Church records Slovak – LDS films, Czech – on-line scans & archives
Foreign population and tax census Slovak – Magyar 1869 census