Which records to search

Looking For First Search Other Sources
Names of ancestors Family records & family members Immigration records, census
Names of ancestral villages Family records, family members, obituaries, naturalization papers, baptismal & marriage certificates State, county or town histories, cemetery tombstones, Bibles, old letters, church birth records of offspring, immigration, passenger lists
Location of the ancestral village County maps & road atlases, Mapy.cz, Google maps Gazetteers, lexicons, Slovenskej Republiky, Shtetl Seeker, Hungarian Village Finder
Names of those that came to the U.S. Family records, family members, & Baca CGSI database, Archive notes U.S. census records, original passenger lists online, subscription services e.g. Ancestry, MyHeritage
Year of arrival to U.S. port, name of ship Family records, family members, & Baca CGSI database Naturalization records (First Papers), U.S. census records, Alien registration/immigration
Birth, marriage and death dates for ancestors when they lived in Czech or Slovak lands Family records, other family members, FamilySearch, Czech Archives Bohemia – 1651 religious census and 1654 Berni rula property census, hire professional genealogical researcher, Ancestry, MyHeritage
Information on your ancestral village/town Gazetteers, Czech & Slovak town books Village websites, Wikipedia (US and Czech), Write to village/town mayor or historian  
Military records for service in Austrian Army Kriegsarchiv (Military Archives) in Vienna, Austria (if age 20 before 1868), Military Archive in Prague (if age 20 after 1868)  
People with your name currently living in Czech or Slovak Republics Czech & Slovak telephone dictionaries, kdejsme.cz Internet telephone directories for the Czech & Slovak Republics
How to contact people in the Czech & Slovak Republics Obtain names & addresses from the telephone directories, use CGSI form letters to write Hire professional genealogical researcher, write to Mayor, telephone
Military records Hungary – FHL *, Slovakia – FHL *, & state archives Hungarian State Archives or Kriegsarchiv (Military Archive) in Vienna
People researching your family CGSI Surname Index  

*FHL stands for the Family History Library and refers to the LDS Church Family History Centers.