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Identifier Title Author/Region S
Frgn Cze 1211 Pav The Austrian Army 1836-1866 (1) Infantry Pavlovic, Darko
Frgn Cze 1212 Jun The Austro-Hungarian Forces in World War I (2) 1916-1918 Jung, Peter
Frgn Cze 0997 Cra The Battle of Koniggratz Prussia's Victory over Austria 1866 Craig, Gordon A.
Frgn Cze 0703 Jes The Birth of Czechoslovakia Jessina, Cestmir
MN H-1 016 Wor The Bohemian Flats Workers of the Writers Program
Frgn Cze 0325 Hri The Boundaries of Twilight Hribal, C.J. edit
Frgn Cze 0040 Hin The Bright Passage Hindus, Marcus
FH B 090 Buj The Bujnoch Family - Our Czech-American Heritage Bujnoch, Dorothy
US KS 022 Ell The Bukovina Germans in Kansas: A 200 Year History of the Lutheran Swabians Ellingson, Irmgard Hein
Frgn Cze 0115 Mag The Carpatho-Rusyn Americans Magocsi, Paul R.
Frgn Cze 0559 Cad The Catholic Central Union Cada, Joseph
Frgn Cze 0596 Cap The Cechs (Bohemians) in America Capek, Thomas S
Frgn Cze 0542 Nov The Charles Bridge Of Prague Novotny, Kamil and Emanuel Poche
Frgn Cze 0121 Sax The Czech Americans. The Peoples of North America Saxon-Ford, Stephanie
Frgn Cze 0016 Lit The Czech Black Book Littell, Robert
Frgn Cze 0979 Nem The Czech National Chapel Nemec, Ludvik ed.
Frgn Cze 0539 Bro The Czech Renascence of the Nineteenth Century Brock, Peter and H. Gordon Skilling eds
Frgn Cze 0996 Pec The Czech Revolution of 1848 Pech, Stanley Z.
Frgn Cze 1022 She The Czech Settlement of Steele County, Minnesota Sheppard, Karleen Chott
US TX 012 Cze The Czech Texan in the Year of the Sesquicentennial 1986
Frgn Cze 0971 Ras The Czechoslovak Exile Government in London and the Sudeten German issue Raska, Francis Dostal
Frgn Cze 0867 Bro The Czechoslovak Renascence of the Nineteenth Century Brock, Peter and H. Gordon Skilling
Frgn Cze 0524 Cis The Czechoslovak Republic Cisar, Jaroslav and F. Pokorny
Frgn Cze 0600 Rou The Czechs and Slovaks in America Roucek, Joseph S
Frgn Cze 0803 Gel The Czechs and Slovaks in Canada Gellner, John and John Smerek
MN Gen 032 Chr The Czechs and the Germans- chapters from the book They Chose Minnesota Chrislock, C. Winston
Frgn Cze 0601 Las The Czechs in America 1633-1977 Laska, Vera
Frgn Cze 1068 Cig The Czechs in Australia Cigler, Michael
US OK 002 Bic The Czechs in Oklahoma Bicha, Karel D.
Frgn Cze 0027 Cha The Czechs in the U.S. Chada, Joseph
Frgn Cze 0603-4 Bot The Death of Janosik (English translation) Botto, Jan Kramoris, Ivan J. trans.
Frgn Cze 0297 Kro The Delight of Folk Tradition Krohnova, Ludmila et al
FH K K018 Pol The Descendants of Jacub and Rosalie Kovar 1790-1893 (2 copies) Polanka, Marie
FH W 026 Oha The Descendants of Joseph Worel and Anna Zabransky (9 Vols.) OHarra, Brian
FH N N010 Now The Descendants of Wenceslaus Nowotny VeraJean Patton and Agnes Solek Nowotny
FH D D022 Dub The Duba Family Duba, Arlo D. and Doreen E.
FH D D015 Vav The Dvoraks of Minnetonka Township, Minnesota Vavra, Helen Mary
Frgn Cze 1033 Sti The Ethnographic Region Moravian Wallachia its origin and development. Stika, Jaroslav
Frgn Cze 0071 Sch The Expulsion of the German Population from Czechoslovakia. (vol.4) Schieder, Theodor et al
Frgn Cze 0525 Cra The Fall of the House of Habsburg Crankshaw, Edward
FH V 018 Val The Family Chronicle Of Vales From Mazelov No. 5 Vales, Vaclav
FH K 037 Ant The Family Chronicle Of Vales From Mazelov No. 5 Konecny Family
FH K K016 Cav The Family of Frank and Mary Klima Cavell, Allen D.
FH F F013 Fia The Fiala Family History (Historie Rodu Fialu). (From Czechoslovakia to America)(Z Cech do Ameriky) 1650-1991. v.1 Fiala, Harvey E.
Frgn Cze 0461 Bog The Functions of Folk Costume In Moravian Slovakia Bogatyrev, Petr
Frgn Cze 0560 Cro The Gypsies of Eastern Europe Crowe, David et al
Frgn Cze 0540 Tay The Habsburg Monarchy 1809-1918 Taylor, A.J.P
Frgn Cze 0260 Cra The Hapsburgs. Portrait of a Dynasty Crankshaw, Edward
Frgn Cze 0611 Kal The High Tatras and the Spis Region Kallay, Karol and Ernst Hochberger
US TX 011 Gon The History of Gonzales County Texas Gonzales County Historical Commission S
US IA 035 His The History of Linn County Iowa S
US IA 024 Tam The History of Tama County Iowa Tama News Herald S
US TX 021 Bie The History of the German Settlements in Texas Biesele, Rudolph Leopold
US WI 098 Nov The History of the Moquah Area Novak, Jerry
Frgn Cze 1000 Mac The Hussite Movement in Bohemia Macek, Josef
Frgn Cze 0579 Kej The Hussite Revolution Kejr, Jiri
Frgn Cze 1210 Tur The Hussite Wars 1419-36 Turnbull, Stephen
Frgn Cze 0463 Par The Jewish Town of Prague Parik, Arno and Pavel Stecha
Frgn Cze 0021 Mey The Jews in the Soviet Satellites Meyer, Peter et al
Frgn Cze 0847 Egg The Jews of Bohemia and Moravia, a historical reader Iggers, Wilma Abeles
Frgn Cze 0911 Rot The Jews of Bohemia and Moravia: Facing the Holocaust Rothkirchen, Livia
Frgn Cze 0052 Soc The Jews of Czechoslovakia Society For The History of Czechoslovak Jews S
FH K K014 Kli The John Klimesh Family History Klimesh, Cyril and Delores
Frgn Cze 0932 Che The Joy of a Slovak Christmas,Traditions Rituals, Customs & Folklore Check-Tuhy, Trude
Frgn Cze 0075 Hin The Jugoslavs in Future Europe Hinkovic, H.
FH J J009 Juz The Juza Family Juza, Susan
Frgn Cze 1245 Mac The Killing of Reinhard Heydrich the SS Butcher of Prague MacDonald, Callum
Map Cze 089 Kin The Kingdom of Bohemia. 1794 Various S
FH K 047 Bre The Kuklis/Oliva Report - 1994: The Kuklis & Oliva Family in Bohemia Breitkreutz, Sandra J.
Frgn Cze 0111 Mag The Language Question Among the Subcarpathian Rusyns Magocsi, Paul R.
Frgn Cze 0328 Buc The Magic of a Medieval Town Bucina, Ferdinand
Frgn Cze 0526 Mas The Making Of A State Masaryk, Dr. Thomas Garrigue
Frgn Cze 0017 Ste The Masaryk Case Sterling, Claire
Tape Cze Hau The Moravian Archives Haupert, Thomas J
US NJ 009 Mor The Moravian Contribution to the Town of Hope, New Jersey
US NC 009 Mor The Moravians and their Town of Salem.
Frgn Cze 0903 Bau The National Slovak Society 100 Year History 1890-1990 Baumgarten, R. Vladimir, Joseph Stefka
Frgn Cze 0705 Nov The National Theater in Prague 1883-1983 National Theater
Frgn Cze 0869 Hro The New, Revised Slovak Lessons Hrobak, Philip A.
Frgn Cze 0994 Kor The Night of the Barbarians Korec, Jan Chryzostom Cardinal
Frgn Cze 0110 Pri The Origin of Rus. An Inaugural Lecture, October 24, 1975 Pritsak, Omeljan
Frgn Cze 0734 Sza The Other Side of the Picture Szabo, Eva
Frgn Cze 0698 Sim The Pilgrims for Hope Simicek, MUDr. Josef
FH P P025 Pis The Pistulka Family Tree Pistulka, Donald Joseph
Frgn Cze 0792 Hob The Place Names of Bohemia - Their History, Derivation and Meaning Hobbs, Karen translator
Frgn Cze 0091 Roc The Plainchant Tradition of Southwestern Rus Roccasalvo. Joan L.
FH P P024 Pov The Plavec and Merkwan Family Histories Povondra, Dennis
Frgn Cze 0130 Gad The Political Control of Czecho- slovakia. A Study in Social Control of a Soviet Satellite State Gadourek, I.
FH P P023 Pov The Povondra Family History Povondra, Dennis
Frgn Cze 1249 Div The Prague Loretto Divis, Jan
Frgn Cze 0591 Alt The Precious Legacy – Judaic Treasures from the Czechoslovak State Collections Altshuler, David
US IA 002 Neu The Quasquicentennial History Book 1860-1985 Neuzil, Becky (ed.) S
Frgn Cze 0498 Gil The Road Through Czechoslovakia Giles, Dorothy
Frgn Cze 0094 Mag The Rusyn-Ukrainians of Czecho- slovakia. An Historical Survey Magocsi, Paul R.
Frgn Cze 0687 Bon The Rusyns Bonkalo, Alexander (translated by Ervin Bonkalo)
Frgn Cze 1079 May The Rusyns of Hungary:Political and Social Developments 1860-1910 Mayer, Maria
Frgn Cze 0686 Mag The Rusyns of Slovakia Magocsi, Paul Robert
Frgn Cze 0220 Bur The Second Wave of Czech Immigrants Burian, Paul
Frgn Cze 0089 Mag The Shaping of a National Identity Subcarpathian Rus, 1848-1948 Magocsi, Paul R.
Frgn Cze 0413 Fil The Shepherds Nosegay Fillmore, Parker (Trans.)
US TX 020 Wok The Shillerville Story - The Czech Community in Victoria County Wokaty, Katherine Mary Wittington
Frgn Cze 1080 Mes The Silent Conspiracy Mesko, Zoltan G. MD
Frgn Cze 0761 Dvo The Slavs in European History and Civilization Dvornik, Francis
Frgn Cze 0262 Chr The Slavs. Their Significance Political and Cultural History Chropovsky, Bohuslav
Frgn Cze 0122 Sto The Slovak Americans. The Peoples of North America Stolarik, M. Mark
Frgn Cze 0335 Mar The Slovak National Dress Through The Centuries Markov, Josef
Frgn Cze 1219 Kol The Slovak-Austrian-Hungarian Danubeland Kollar, Daniel
Frgn Cze 0603-1 Sto The Slovaks from They Chose Minnesota Stolarik, Mark M.
Frgn Cze 0603-8 Tyb The Slovaks in America Tybor, M. Martina Sister
Frgn Cze 0603-3 Hus The Slovaks in America Husek, Stephanie O. Dr.
Frgn Cze 0541 Cap The Slovaks of Hungary Capek, Thomas S
Frgn Cze 0850 Yur The Slovaks, Their History and Traditions (revised edition) Yurchak, Peter P.(revised by Rev. John L. Lach)
Frgn Cze 1218 Nol The Sokol in the Czech Lands to 1914 Nolte, Claire E.
Frgn Cze 0536 Nos The Spirit of Bohemia Nosek, Vladimir
Frgn Cze 0957 Gre The Story of Bohemia Gregor, Frances
Frgn Cze 1078 Was The Sudeten German and Czechs, History, Facts and Perspectives: A Challenge for Europe Wassertheuer, Peter
Frgn Cze 0238 Sud The Sudeten German Problem in International Politics
Frgn Cze 0632 Tax The Tax Rolls of 1654 - Bischofteinitz and Taus S
Frgn Cze 0603-2 Mik The Three Slovak Bishops Mikus, Joseph
Frgn Cze 0676 Tot The Tragedy of Slovak Jews Toth, PhDr. Dezider
Frgn Cze 0072 Luz The Transfer of the Sudeten Germans. A study of Czech-German relations, 1933-1962 Luza, Radomir
Frgn Cze 0810 Dal The True Story of a W.W. II Undercover Teenager Daluge, Agnes Lackovic and Willard Daluge
FH V V011 Vic The Victorins in America Victorine, Joe and Mary
FH V 022 Die The Vranys and Viseks of Chicago Dierks, Paul
US TX 023 Gri The Wendish Texans Grider, Sylvia Ann S
US TX 022 Bla The Wends of Texas Blasig, Anne S
US NE 026 Kor The Wilber Republican Korinek, Kent
Frgn Cze 0811 Rus The Wolf Dogs Rushka, Roy J., translator
Frgn Cze 0918 Van The World of the Ancient Slavs Vana, Zdenek
Frgn Cze 0682 Jar The Young Gustav Mahler and Jihlava Jaros, PhDr. Zdenek The Young Gustav Mahler and Jihlava
FH Z Z004 Cro The Zimricks and the Cromshaws Cromshaw, Lawrence
US IA 036 Mur They Came to North Tama Murray, Janette S
US IA 006 Kli They Came To This Place. A history of Spillville, Iowa and its Czech settlers. Klimesh, Cyril M S
Frgn Cze 0049 Hru This is Slovakia. A country you do not know Hrusovsky, Francis
Frgn Cze 0952 Cho This is your Life-Write It- Leave Legacy Footprints Choy, Leona Sprinclova
US IA 025 Tra Those Were the Days. 1873-1973 Traer Centennial History Committee
Frgn Cze 0870 Alz Three Slovak Women Alzo, Lisa A.
Map Cze 104 Thu Thuringen Various S
Frgn Cze 0731 Bar Ticha (A Town in East Moravia) Bartos, Josef and Stanislava Kovarova
Frgn Cze 0667 Roe Ticha Cemetery, Moravia, Czech Republic, Tombstone Inscriptions Roesner, Robert H.
US IN 031 Kei Times Obituaries 1987 Hammond, Lake County, Indiana Keightley, Ann S
US IN 035 V.1 Times Obituaries 1988 Calumet Region of Indiana and Illinois. Keightley, Ann S
US IN 035 V.2 Times Obituaries 1989 Calumet Region of Indiana and Illinois Keightley, Ann S
US IN 035 V.3 Times Obituaries 1990 Calumet Region of Indiana and Illinois Keightley, Ann S
Frgn Cze 0861 Hob Tips for Using the LDS Family History Catalogue CG Hobbs, Karen
Frgn Cze 0429 Bau Tisic Jmen v Kalendari Bauerova, Anna
Frgn Cze 1124 Kub Tisicileta obec: Libice nad Cidlinou, 981-1981 Kubík, Miroslav
Frgn Cze 0771 Zrz TJ Sokol Tisova - 65 Let (Sixty-five years of gymnastic organization Sokol in Tisova, 1920-1985) Zrzavy, Jindrich
Frgn Cze 1235 Kor To Reap a Bountiful Harvest Korytova-Magstadt, Stepanka
Frgn Cze 0076 Kov Tomas G. Masaryk 1850-1937 Kovtun, George G.
Frgn Cze 0282 Hru Tomas Garrigue Masaryk Hrubesova, Hana (ed.)
Map Cze 253 Top Topolcany a Banovce n Bebravou #4560 1930 Various S
Frgn Cze 1071 Dus Toulky Berounskym Krajem Dusik, Bohumil
US WI 047 Tow Town of Emery Centennial 1889-1989
Frgn Cze 0032 Wel Tracing your Czech and Slovak Roots Wellauer, Maralyn A.
Frgn Cze 0196 Von Tradice Lidove Tvorby. Lidova kmotna kultura v Cechach a na Morave Vondruskova, Alena
Frgn Cze 0356 Par Tradice, v kulturni a spolecenskem zivote nymburske vesnice Pargac, Jan
Frgn Cze 1190 Bot Tradicie slovensky rodiny Botikova, Marta
Frgn Cze 0294 Sta Tradicni Zemedelstvi Navalassku Stastny, Jaroslav
Frgn Cze 1072 Dob Traditional Slovak Folk Tales Dobsinsky, Pavol, collector, David L. Cooper ed.
Frgn Cze 0532 Wol Tragicke namorni pribehy 1589-1622 Wolf, Dr. Josef
US ND 025 Jac Transcription of St. Johns Cemetery Morton County, North Dakota Jackman, Dorothy S
Frgn Cze 0695 Nov Translations of Czech Sketches (articles from Banner-Press newspaper, David City, Nebraska Novacek, Alfred trans.
Tape Cze Bre Travel to Czechoslovakia for Research Brenka, Dr. Gabriel
Frgn Cze 0442 Neu Treasures From The Past (The Czechoslovak Cultural Heritage) Neubert, Karel and Jan Royt
Frgn Cze 0494 Cin Treasures of Slovakia Cincebeaux, Helene Baine
Frgn Cze 0574 Kuc Treasures of the Czech Culture (Poklady Ceske Kultury) Kucera, Vladimir and DeLores
Frgn Cze 0640 Fej Trebechovicky Betlem (Trebechovice pod Orebem’s Bethlehem Nativity) Fejk, Miroslav
Frgn Cze 0224 Uhl Trebicsko v Pamatkach Uhlir, Jiri (ed.)
Map Cze 243 Tre Trebisov #4567 1935 Various S
Map Cze 278 Tre Trebitsch (Trebic) #4356 Various S
Frgn Cze 0041 Soj Tremi Dily Sveta Sojka, Bohumil
Frgn Cze 1254 Lab Tremosnice od Lichetenburku k soucasnosti Labut, Jiri, ed
Tel Cze 20 Trencin Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Piestany S
Map Cze 248 Tre Trencin #4460 1930 Various S
Map Cze 222 Tre Trencin 1946 Various S
Frgn Cze 0154 Hol Trencin a Okolie Holesa, Peter
Map Cze 047 Tri Tribec, Pohronsky Inovec. #5 Slovak S
Frgn Cze 0527 Ust Tricet Let Ceske Zemedelske Druzstevni Agricultural Cooperative Societies
US IL 083 Tri Trinity Centennial Directory Founded 1893 Chicago, Illinois 100th Anniversary Trinity Slovak Lutheran Church
Map Cze 252 Trn Trnava #4659 1931 Various S
Frgn Cze 1004 Pis Troji kriz: freska z podebradske doby Pisar, Vaclav
Frgn Cze 0405 Buh Troppau Die Ehemalige Landeshauptstadt Osterreichisch-Schlesiens in 200 Bildern Buhl, Paul
Frgn Cze 0380 Hac Tschechoslowakei Hackl, B.
Map Cze 084 Tsc Tschechoslowakien, Westlicher Teil Various S
Frgn Cze 0728 Kli Turisticky Prevodce Benesovym Krajem (Tour Guide Book - Benes’ Region) Klir, Prof. Ladislav
Map Cze 227 Tur Turzovka #4261 Various S
Frgn Cze 0496 Pal Tvar Ceskoslovenska Palous, Jan A.
Frgn Cze 1160 Kra Tyn nad Vltavou Martina Krausova
Frgn Cze 0113 Hav Tyrolean Elegies Havlicek, Karel-Borovsky
Frgn Cze 1120 Sev U Zidra Sevela, Martin
US Gen 313 Rec U.S. Legislators with Czech Roots.Colonial Times to Present With Genealogical Lineages. 1987 Rechcigl, Miloslav
Frgn Cze 0057 Bic Ucebnice Anglictiny. Lekce 1-20. Cast II. (vol. 1) Bicha, Vaclav et al
Frgn Cze 0057 Pap Ucebnice Anglictiny. Lekce 21-40. Cast IV. (vol.2) Papouskova, Zdenka et al
Frgn Cze 0481 Han Ucime se Cesky Vol. 1 Hanzova, Marie
Frgn Cze 0482 Kam Ucime se Cesky Vol. 2 Kamis, Karel
Frgn Cze 0250 Cou Uherske Hradiste Dejiny Mesta Coupek, Jiri et al S
Frgn Cze 0244 Zem Uherske Hradiste ve fotografii Zemek, Metodej
Map Cze 197 Uhe Uherske Hradiste. 1988 Various S
Frgn Cze 1087 Hau Uhersky Brod, mesto a okres Hauerland, J V, et al (editorial board)