CGSI Books & Resources

Identifiersort descending Title Author/Region S
Tel Cze 08 Usti nad Labem Teplice, Decin, Litomerice S
Tel Cze 09 Liberec Ceska Lipa, Frydlant, Jablonec nad Nisou S
Tel Cze 10 Hradec Kralove Turnov, Broumov, Jicin, Nachod, Zamberk S
Tel Cze 11 Pardubice Vysoke Myto, Usti nad Orlici, Litomysl, Policka, Hlinsko S
Tel Cze 12 Jihlava Zdar nad Sazavou, Velke Mezirici, Telc, Moravske Budejovice, Trebic S
Tel Cze 13 Brno (city) Brno S
Tel Cze 14 Brno (outskirts) Znojmo, Breclav, Prostejov, Boskovice S
Tel Cze 15 Zlin Kromeriz, Uherske Hradiste, Holesov S
Tel Cze 16 Ostrava (outskirts) Opava, Frydek Mistek, Valasske Mezirici S
Tel Cze 16a Ostrava (city) Ostrava S
Tel Cze 17 Olomouc Jesenik, Sumperk, Sternberk, Prerov S
Tel Cze 18 Bratislava (city) Bratislava S
Tel Cze 19 Bratislava (outskirts) Senica, Trnava, Galanta, Samorin S
Tel Cze 20 Trencin Nove Mesto nad Vahom, Piestany S
Tel Cze 21 Nitra Topolcany, Komarno, Levice S
Tel Cze 22 Zilina Cadca, Bytca, Martin S
Tel Cze 23 Banska Bystrica Prievidza, Brezno, Zvolen, Rimovska Sobota S
Tel Cze 24 Poprad Kezmarok, Levoca, Spisska Nova Ves S
Tel Cze 25 Presov Bardejov, Svidnik, Humenne, Snina S
Tel Cze 26 Kosice Roznava, Gelnica, Michalovce, Trebisov S
US Gen 112 Mar Ship Passenger List Port of Baltimore May to Dec 1874 Mares, Claire S
US Gen 313 Rec U.S. Legislators with Czech Roots.Colonial Times to Present With Genealogical Lineages. 1987 Rechcigl, Miloslav
US Gen 359 Jednota Annual Furdek. Vol. XXVIII January 1989 Krajsa, Joseph C.
US IA 002 Neu The Quasquicentennial History Book 1860-1985 Neuzil, Becky (ed.) S
US IA 006 Kli They Came To This Place. A history of Spillville, Iowa and its Czech settlers. Klimesh, Cyril M S
US IA 017 Lin Linn County Iowa Cemeteries
US IA 022 Che Chelsea, Iowa 125th Year Celebration S
US IA 023 Mon History of Mitchell County, Iowa Montag, Leona S
US IA 024 Tam The History of Tama County Iowa Tama News Herald S
US IA 025 Tra Those Were the Days. 1873-1973 Traer Centennial History Committee
US IA 031 Pec Protivin Pecinovsky, Gerald G.
US IA 032 Cem Cemeteries-Flint River Township Des Moines County, IA
US IA 033 Des Index A-K Aspen Grove Cemetery Des Moines Co. Gen. Soc.
US IA 034 Des Index L-Z Aspen Grove Cemetery Des Moines Co. Gen. Soc
US IA 035 His The History of Linn County Iowa S
US IA 036 Mur They Came to North Tama Murray, Janette S
US IA 046 Pec Protivin (1994) Pecinovsky, Gerald
US IA 047 Hal Dyersville Its History and Its People Halbach, Rev. Arthur A. S
US IL 001 Opa A History of Fox River Grove Illinois Opatrny, Edward
US IL 038 Szu Chicago and Cook County Sources Genealogical and Historical Guide.(c.2) Szucs, Loretto Dennis A
US IL 075 Stp St. Stephens Parish Streator, IL Centennial Book St. Stephens Parish
US IL 076 Lan Chicago Churches and Synagogues Lane, George A.
US IL 077 Pac Chicago - City of Neighborhoods Pacyga, Dominic A. et al
US IL 078 Rei Czechoslovaks of Chicago Reichman, John J.
US IL 080 Hil Eastland. Legacy of the Titanic Hilton, George W. S
US IL 083 Tri Trinity Centennial Directory Founded 1893 Chicago, Illinois 100th Anniversary Trinity Slovak Lutheran Church
US IN 030 Kei Holy Ghost Orthodox, Holy Ghost Byzantine, St. Nicholas Catholic Cemeteries of Hammond, Indiana Keightley, Ann
US IN 031 Kei Times Obituaries 1987 Hammond, Lake County, Indiana Keightley, Ann S
US IN 032 Kei St. John Cemetery 1904-1938. 1547 167th Street Hammond, Lake Co., IN Keightley, Ann
US IN 033 Kei St. Marys Cemetery of Hammond, Indiana. Kennedy Avenue & 169th St. St. Marys Byzantine Church (Greek Catholic Rite) 2011 Clark, Whiting, Indiana. 1981 Keightley, Ann
US IN 034 Kei Greek Catholic Families of Whiting, Indiana. 1984 Keightley, Ann
US IN 035 V.1 Times Obituaries 1988 Calumet Region of Indiana and Illinois. Keightley, Ann S
US IN 035 V.2 Times Obituaries 1989 Calumet Region of Indiana and Illinois Keightley, Ann S
US IN 035 V.3 Times Obituaries 1990 Calumet Region of Indiana and Illinois Keightley, Ann S
US KS 006 Shi Early Pioneer Families in Decatur County Kansas. 1979 Shimmick, Lillian et al S
US KS 007 Sob Nebraska, Kansas Czech Settlers 1891-1895. Sobotka, Margie comp S
US KS 008 Shi Big Timber 1872-1976 Altory Township Decatur County, Kansas Shimmick, Lillian et al S
US KS 015 Sve Bohemians in Central Kansas. Collections of the Kansas State Historical Society 1913-1914 Svehla, Francis J. S
US KS 016 Raw History of Rawlins County Kansas. 1988 Rawlins County History Book Committee S
US KS 020 One One Hundred Years at St. Wenceslaus.
US KS 021 Con Collections of the Kansas State Historical Society 1913-1914 Connelley, William E.
US KS 022 Ell The Bukovina Germans in Kansas: A 200 Year History of the Lutheran Swabians Ellingson, Irmgard Hein
US MD 002 Ham Immigrants to St. Marys County. Slavic Colony near St. Mary's City Hammett, Regina Combs
US MO 001 One 125th Jubilee of St. John Nepomuk Church First Czech Catholic Church in America.
US MO 006 Som History of the Czechs in Missouri 1845-1904. Sommer, June M. edit S
US MO 023 Sok Sokol St. Louis 125th Anniversary.
US NC 009 Mor The Moravians and their Town of Salem.
US ND 006 Kad Pisek the First Century Kadlec, Ludger Chair S
US ND 011 Sch Wagon Migration-Veseleyville, D.T. 1880-1881 Schmirler, A.A.A. Rev. S
US ND 025 Jac Transcription of St. Johns Cemetery Morton County, North Dakota Jackman, Dorothy S
US ND 026 Ber Walsh (County) Heritage. 1976 to 1981 4 volumes Berg, Gunder V. S
US NE 003 Ros A History of Czechs (Bohemians) in Nebraska. Rosicky, Rose S
US NE 004 Cen Centennial Clarkson, Nebraska 1886-1986 Centennial Book Committee S
US NE 005 Eig 1880-1889 Fremont Weekly Herald Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society S
US NE 006 Fre Fremont Weekly Herald 1890 thru 1892 S
US NE 007 Eig 1898 Fremont Semi-Weekly Herald Fremont, Nebraska S
US NE 008 Mar Marriage Records Colfax County, Nebraska 1869-1879.(Book 1) S
US NE 009 Eas 1925 Standard Atlas of Colfax County Nebraska Index Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society S
US NE 010 V.1 Cuming County, Nebraska Marriages 1866-1880 for E.N.G.S.(Book 1) Mares, Claire et al S
US NE 010 V.2 Marriage Records Cuming County, Nebraska 1880-1883. (Book 2) Mares, Claire S
US NE 010 V.3 Marriage Records Cuming County, Nebraska. (Book 3) Mares, Claire S
US NE 010 V.4 Marriage Records Cuming County, Nebraska 1888-1894. (Book 4) Mares, Claire S
US NE 010 V.5 Marriage Records Cuming County, Nebraska 1894-1898. (Book 5) Mares, Claire S
US NE 010 V.6 Marriage Records Cuming County, 1898-1900. (Book 6) Mares, Claire S
US NE 011 V.1 Dodge County, Nebraska Marriage Records 1856-1877. (Book 1) Mares, Claire S
US NE 011 V.3 Dodge County, Nebraska Marriage Records 13 March 1877 to 26 October 1882. (Book 3) Mares, Claire S
US NE 011 V.4 Dodge County, Nebraska Marriage Records 30 October 1882 to 2 February 1886. (Book 4) Mares, Claire S
US NE 011 V.5 Dodge County, Nebraska Marriage Records February 1886 thru 24 February 1889. (Book 5) Mares, Claire S
US NE 012 Sob Czech Immigrant Passenger List (for Nebraska) 1879 Sobotka, Margie (comp.) S
US NE 013 Anc Ancestor Surname Membership List
US NE 014 Sob Omaha City Directory Mortuary Death List 1891-1892-1893 Sobotka, Margie and Dorothy Hladik S
US NE 015 Eas Index to Dodge County and Washington County Histories Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society S
US NE 016 Eas 1887 Cuming County, Nebraska Plat Book Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society S
US NE 017 Ogl Standard Atlas of Dodge County 1902 Saunders County 1907 Cuming County 1908 Colfax County 1917 Nebraska Ogle, Geo. A.
US NE 018 Eas 1885 Mortality List of Cuming, Burt, Colfax, Dodge, Washington, Saunders, Douglas (Rural) Counties Nebraska Eastern Nebraska Genealogical Society S
US NE 019 Sob Nova Doba (New Era) abstractions and translation-Births Sobotka, Margie comp S
US NE 020 Sob Nova Doba (New Era) Marriages and Divorces Sobotka, Margie comp S
US NE 021 Sok Sokol the Future Is Yours XVIII American Sokol slet.
US NE 026 Kor The Wilber Republican Korinek, Kent
US NE 027 Gen Clarkson Diamond Jubilee 1886- 1961 Gentzler, Dale Ch
US NE 028 Our A Poetic History of Wilber. Ourecky, Irma Anna Freeouf
US NE 030 Sob Nova Dova (New Era) abstractions and translations Sobotka, Margie and Mayme Perina S
US NE 032 Son History of Nebraska Centennial Farms Sones, Georgene Morris & Cindy Steinhoff S
US NE 034 Nin 1987 Directory of St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Wahoo, NE. St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Wahoo, NE
US NE 035 Stw St. Wenceslaus Parish of Wahoo 1878-1978 St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Wahoo, NE
US NE 038 Vie A View of the Valley Valley County, NE S
US NE 039 Kuc Czechs and Nebraska Vladimir Kucera (ed)
US NE 046 Wil Wilber Illustrated. The Wilber Republican Souvenir Edition (1907) Wilber Republican
US NE 047 Hos Wilber V Obrazech (1903) Hospodsky, J. A.
US NJ 009 Mor The Moravian Contribution to the Town of Hope, New Jersey
US NY 001 Cen A History of Bohemia Long Island. Reprinted 1985 The Centennial History Book Committee
US OH 002 Cen Census of the Slovak People living in Mahoning County. (1922)
US OK 002 Bic The Czechs in Oklahoma Bicha, Karel D.
US OR 007 Dol Scio Is Center of Largest Czech Colony on Pacific Coast Dolezal, Virginia L.
US PA 031 Rob Anthracite Coal Communities Roberts, Peter
US PA 040 Rei A History of the Rise, Progress, and Present Condition of the Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies at Bethlehem, PA. with a catalogue of its pupils Reichel, William C. S
US PA 043 Hol Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. North Hutington, Pa. (Near Irwin)
US PA 050 Clo Family Genealogies in the Carnegie Library Pittsburgh, (Oakland) PA. Closson, Bob & Mary
US PA 067 Stj Centennial Jubilee 1882-1982 St. Joseph Church Hazleton, PA St. Joseph Church
US PA 068 Sts St. Stephens Roman Catholic Church Plymouth, PA St. Stephens Roman Church
US RI 013 Lam A Guide to Genealogical Materials at the Rhode Island Historical Society Library Lamar, Christine
US SD 001 Sha Brule County History Sharping, Grace et al S
US SD 004 Dvo Memorial Book: History of the Czechs in the State of South Dakota Dvorak, Joseph A. S
US SD 014 Yan History of Yankton County South Dakota Yankton County Historical Society S
US SD 015 Spe Of Rails and Trails. A Centennial Journey 1889-1989 Speck, Barbara; S
US TX 008 Skr We are Czechs Skrabanek, Robert L.
US TX 009 Wri Czechs in Grey and Blue Too Wright, Jody Feldtman S
US TX 010 Buj Czech Footprints Across Lavaca County 1860-1900, 1984 (vol. 1) Bujnoch, Dorothy and Anne Rhodes
US TX 011 Gon The History of Gonzales County Texas Gonzales County Historical Commission S
US TX 012 Cze The Czech Texan in the Year of the Sesquicentennial 1986
US TX 014 Mac Czech Voices (extractions of Texas Czechs from Amerikan narodni kalendar) Machann, Clinton et al
US TX 017 Tis Lavaca County, Texas Cemetery Records. Vol. 1 Tise, Sammy S
US TX 018 Kil History of Lee County Texas Killen, Mrs. James C. et al S
US TX 019 Cal Texas Wends Their First Half-Century Caldwell, Lillie Moerbe S
US TX 020 Wok The Shillerville Story - The Czech Community in Victoria County Wokaty, Katherine Mary Wittington
US TX 021 Bie The History of the German Settlements in Texas Biesele, Rudolph Leopold
US TX 022 Bla The Wends of Texas Blasig, Anne S
US TX 023 Gri The Wendish Texans Grider, Sylvia Ann S
US TX 024 App A History of West Texas 1836-1920 Apperson, Henry Milton S
US TX 025 Ell Ellis County Texas Naturalization Records Ellis County Texas Genealogical Society S
US TX 026 Jan Gazetteer of Czech Texas 1939 Janak, Robert
US WI 009 Dus Bohemians Prominent in Manitowoc County History Dusek, Camille et al
US WI 025 Ben Czechs in Manitowoc County, Wisconson from 1847 to 1932 Benes, Frank S
US WI 027 V.1 Some Pioneer Families of Wisconsin. 1977 Wisconsin State Genealogical Society S
US WI 027 V.2 Some Pioneer Families of Wisconsin. 1987 (Vol. 2) Wisconsin State Genealogical Society S
US WI 028 Cen Centennial Year St. Patrick Church. Phillips, Wisconsin 1888-1988
US WI 047 Tow Town of Emery Centennial 1889-1989
US WI 048 Pet Pierce County's Heritage (vol. 7) Peterson, Irsula S
US WI 051 Duc St. Martin's Cemetery (aka Cherma or Cemetery), River Falls Township, Pierce County, WI. Ducklow, Willis, et al S
US WI 052 Old Old St. Francis Cemetery, Douglas County, Superior, Wisconsin
US WI 056 Phi Phillips Czechoslovakian Community 1991. (vol. 1 and 2) Phillips Czechoslovakian Community S
US WI 077 Che 100th Anniversary of St. John Nepomuc Parish Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin 1891 - 1991
US WI 078 Sel History of St. Lawrence Catholic Church Stangelville, Wisconsin. 125th Anniversary Selner, Raymond R.
US WI 079 Thw Collection of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Thwaites, Reuben
US WI 098 Nov The History of the Moquah Area Novak, Jerry
US WI 099 Bje Manitowoc County Declarations of Intent 1848-1929 Bjerke, Robert A. S
US WI Maps Atl Atlas of Pierce County Wisconsin Lord, F.D. and S.C. Carpenter