WACLAVIK Passenger Record Immigrated 1904?

Posted: Tue, 10/26/2010 - 14:36
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CGSI is submitting this query on behalf of a CGSI member who is not online, with her permission. If there are any connections please email to research@cgsi.org and I will forward to her.

“been having difficulty locating my great aunt’s first husband or her passenger record info…From 1910 census record in Boston, it appears that she emigrated in 1904. At the time of census she was either widowed (or divorced?) and she was living with my grandparents and their two children with her own two children, who were born in Chicago, Illinois.

Here’s the info I have:

Stefan? or Josef? WACLAVIK
Genafefa/Genevieive (nee VAVRA) WACLAVIK born: 1883, emigrated (allegedly) 1904, port unknown.

—Virginia E, Flynn”

NOTE that CGSI was able to identify 20 WACLAVIK passenger records in the Baca series, but no apparent match was found for the above individuals/timeframe.