Vaclaw "James"Novak, Emilee Zindulkova

Posted: Mon, 08/27/2007 - 05:51
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I am searching for info on my husbands maternal grandparents in Bohemia. We know that James(21) and Emilee(22) arrived thru Ellis Island 13Sept1900. They were not married at that time. They came from the Port of Bremen on the Barbarossa. We have a copy of the manifest. It shows they were going to friends(Vasclav Slehlik?) at 719 Troop St in Chicago.We know they were married in the USA (where?), traveled to Chicago then New Market MN finally settling in Gilman Iowa. He was a shoemaker by trade. We are trying to find where they came from in Bohemia, who their parents were, etc. I have pictures of a farm in Bohemia and the spellings are all differnt Runiskv, Runitsky, & Runitskv. Any assistance you could give would be appreciated. Trying to tie up loose ends for the last living child who turned 93 in