Surname: LINKE

Posted: Mon, 06/24/2013 - 10:03
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I have been researching this surname since 1978. I have found many pieces of information but missing a key element. I am trying to find the city of birth (or city of emigration) for Daniel LINKE. He arrived in the USA around April1882 via S.S. Devonia, traveling alone from what I can determine. He was 19 years old (born in 1863 +/- 2 years.) Unsure of his religious background, I have found no record(s) where he stated a city of birth or last residence prior to leaving Bohemia (the Austrian Empire). Deeds, marriage license, death certificate, city directories, birth certificates for children, etc all checked with no stated city of birth. Until I have a city of birth, I am not able to research districts and/or regions in the Czech archives. I know he worked with glass and have sent letters to living residents in areas historically known for their glass working artisans in the Czech Republic; no responses as of yet.

Any suggestions on future research would be greatly appreciated.


This may lead nowhere, but I think the last name may have been Linkes, Linkess, or the formal Linkesch.

Just a thought…

I have Linkesch-es in my family, and while doing searches Linke did pop up in church records. Most of my family, though, were from in German-speaking cities in Eastern Slovakia.

Good luck.