Yarabek(Jarabek) Barton, Benda tree on Ancestry.com

Posted: Sun, 08/10/2014 - 12:23
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FYI I have uploaded my extended family tree on Ancestry.com. It is named “Yarabek Barton Benda” and can be found by doing a search for Joannes Jarabek, b. 22 Dec 1794 in Prietrz, Senica, Slovakia; Elizabeth Barton, b. 09 Nov 1891, Hluboke, Senica, Slovakia; or Anna Benda, b. 20 Dec1855, Prietrz, Senica Slovakia. It contains just over 950 names of people from Prietrz, Hluboke(Hlboke), or nearby villages born between about 1750 to 1900. All are related by blood or marriage. Prietrz and Hluboke are villages of about 700 inhabitants each and about 65 miles north of Bratislava. Contact me for additions to this tree, corrections and suggestions.