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Looking for Gogolach family from Checz and Sovella from Slovak who lived in the Wilkes Barre, PA area


In order to assist you, it would help if you provided more details. Names of immigrant couple with approx birth dates/ place, names and dates of birth for their children, religion.

There was a Gogolac* family which settled in PA from Domanovce. This is near Levoca in Slovakia. Family search has digitized some of the records:

The LDS also have Domanovce records on three microfilms:

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My uncle by marriage, John Hornick (or Hornyck), who emigrated to Montana in 1900 came from Magyarbodi. How can I find the location of that place?

Gazetteers are a great way to find out the current name and location of a town. There are some free online, or if you are old school like me, I keep several on my bookshelf.

According to Majtan’s gazetteer for the town of Slovakia (ISBN 8022405302), Magyarbodi is now Bidovce near the town of Kozice.

Here is a map so that you can orient yourself:{%22criterion%22%3A%22fast%22}&ri=0

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