Witzany family

Posted: Wed, 05/17/2017 - 19:24
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I am looking for information about the Witzany family. The whole family immigrated to the US in 1855. I believe they may have stayed in Canada for a short period of time before moving to Minnesota. Census records show their birthplace as Bohemia, nationality Canadian.
Jacob (father-born 1810), Johanna (mother-born 1816), Lorenz (born 1847), Louisa (born1853), and Joseph (born 1854)
Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
JoAnn winter


Hi JoAnn, my name is Greg Witzany and I am the great great grandson of Jacob Witzany, residing in NYC. The census takers misspelled our surname as Witzaney, Witzani, Witgang but the correct is Witzany. Gram and Gramps Witzany’s birthplace is indeed Bohemia but nationality is Austrian, not Canadian. My dad, Robert seems to recall learning of a small stay in Canada as well and I am unable to confirm or deny that after exhausting my search of records to determine port of entry to the US. Hopefull together we can find the answer. I am also trying to determine who Jacob’s mother and father were. Best of luck, Greg