Where was Spitinan?

Posted: Sat, 09/23/2017 - 11:17
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My Grandfather, Jan Hoferek, shows Spitinan as his residence. I have tried, Austria, Moravia, Czech Republic, and have yet to find out anything at all. Does anyone have any knowledge of where it might have been?


Former Location Name: Spitinau
Location name: Spytihnev
Parish: Spytihnev Begin of Vital Statistics: 1692/1692/1692
Former Parish: Jalubi 1703/1703/1703
Former Judicial Denomination (Bohemia/Moravia and South Tirol only): Hradiste Uherske venkov
Crown Land: Mähren
Respective Archives: Brünn (Brno)

Southern Moravia, look at the right Using Archives. You can look up your grandfathers baptism

I need a translation of what is on these pages, not being able to read the language. Thanks.