Rezac, Treblik, Kopecky, Navrkal

Posted: Tue, 06/05/2018 - 14:20
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Looking for information on the:

Rezac family from Vesce, South Bohemia, immigrated to the 1873

Treblik family from Prilozany, Moravia, immigrated in 1880

Kopecky family from Stepkov, Budiskovice, South Bohemia, immigrated in 1873

Navrkal family from Dolni Lazany,Jaromerice, East Bohemia, immigrated in 1880


I do have your Rezac surname in my family tree. Is Martin Rezac in your line?

Martin (1832-) was my great grandfather’s (Jan or John 1836-) brother. My brother and I were in the Vesce home, about 10 years ago, where many of the Rezacs were born.