Joseph J. HRDLICKA, wife Anna KREN and family

Posted: Sun, 06/28/2020 - 17:21
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Joseph J. HRDLICKA was found in a Bremen to NYC passenger list with his family. He was born in approx 1828 in Bohemia (maybe in or near Praha). He arrived in NYC NY on 13 May 1882. His wife was Anna KREN who was born Apr 1842 (died in St Louis MO). One of their children was Michael Joseph HRDLICKA born 2 Feb 1863 (died in St Louis MO). Other siblings for Michael Josph HRDLICKA were Joseph M. HRDLICKA born 13 Feb 1866 (died St Louis MO), Frank HRDLICKA born May 1870 (died St Louis MO), Catherine HRDLICKA born 25 Aug 1873 (died St Louis MO) and William J. HRDLICKA born Aug 1875 (died St Louis MO). I am looking for baptismal records in Bohemia to confirm the dates above.


Thanks to help from Martin Pytr, a researcher in Moravia, the needed birth record for Michael Joseph Hrdlicka has been found. He was born in Luzany, near Prestice, Plzen region west Bohemia. The correct birthdate is 25 Jan 1863, not 2 Feb 1863 so his death certificate is off slightly. The marriage record for his parents was also found. They were married on 22 Nov 1859 (ref Prestice parish register 32). So this query has been fully answered.