Josef and Ignaz Stubenvoll

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I am trying to locate more information on Josef Stubenvoll, Ignaz Stubenvoll and his parents. I am enclosing information that my Grandmother Emilie Stubenvoll Zimola had written down.

Thanks for any information.
Marilyn Moger

  • Stubenvoll is a German name. The Stubenvoll family originally came from Germany or the German speaking section of Switzerland. They settled in the section of Austria which later became known as Czechoslovakia. For many generations, the men of the family worked as foresters in the woods belonging to the Austrian government.

IGNAZ STUBENVOLL- (a forest warden) from Jundorf; m. Katharina Nedbal
Child: Josef Stubenvoll

JOSEF STUBENVOLL- Previously from Drobnia, Galizien; m. June 25, 1850 Klara Kragiczek ( a maid) in Koenigsfeld, CZ; Klara’s father was Paul Kragiczek ( a sheep herder) from Telnitz and Klara’s mother was Magdalena Gutfeld. Magdalena’s father was Martin Gutfeld.
Child: Josef Johann Stubenvoll

JOSEF JOHANN STUBENVOLL- (prison warden in State prison in Brno) birth & baptism recorded June 26/27, 1851 in Roman Catholic Church, Koenigsfeld, Czech Republic (Austria) , d. July 3, 1899 Austria/Czech Republic; m. Maria died abt 1883
Child: Maria b. 1883, d. 1890 from tuberculosis
2ND wife m. 1887 Josefa Vaca, b. Feb. 2, 1850 Adamstal, Moravia (Austria),d. Nov. 17, 1930 Brno, CZ
Child: Emilie

EMILIE (Emily) ALOISE STUBENVOLL- b. Sept. 13, 1889 in the State Prison of Moravia Brno, Czech Republic (father was a prison warden) ; d. July 8, 1976 Scotia, NY; m. Nov. 10, 1912 Brno, CZ William Joseph Zimola (Zimula), b. March 30, 1889 Brno, CZ, d. Aug. 3, 1966 Scotia, NY.