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Message Datesort ascending Comment Date
Hoferek 04/30/2020 Elaine Sova Hahne
Multiple same first names in same family? 03/21/2020 Ed Potter Yes, they would often re-use 04/05/2020 sandra.palak
Multiple same first names in same family? 03/21/2020 Ed Potter This is very unusual for us 04/07/2020 ljzajicek
Multiple same first names in same family? 03/21/2020 Ed Potter Thank you for your kind 04/08/2020 edpotter3of7
Multiple same first names in same family? 03/21/2020 Ed Potter Many thanks ljzajieck, this 04/08/2020 edpotter3of7
Mach, Cernovsky 03/11/2020 Christopher J Ritz
Surname Syrovy / Syrowy 01/30/2020 Ed Potter
How to find obituary/death info in Ostrava from 1960-1975 01/29/2020 Christine Lanik Kinyon
Catholic Order of Foresters 01/29/2020 Dennis mulacek
Pospisil, Josef & wife Marie (Pokorny) 01/16/2020 Lauri Hello. So, a little more 02/06/2020 jimek1
NEPA Slovaks 01/02/2020 andrewjs18
JOHANN (JAN) & MARIA KRIZ 12/26/2019 EDWARD KRIZ Do you have their birth dates 12/30/2019 gsvatos
Rusnak/Szabol 12/13/2019 Karen Stewart
Hrescie (Hřešice) Records 12/04/2019 Wesley Johnston Thanks for the heads up, 12/20/2019 jerrymartinek
No surname 11/05/2019 Michelle Hi, Michelle. I am not a 12/20/2019 jerrymartinek
Port of Entry 10/12/2019 Jim
Vrabel Genealogy 09/30/2019 Schulte/Slaughter
podhorin name 09/22/2019 Joanne Hudak Chvala Hi. Are you associated with 09/27/2019 david8
podhorin name 09/22/2019 Joanne Hudak Chvala Not associated to any 10/02/2019 annajohn
Holics 09/14/2019 Eileen Kohutis I am in contact with someone 09/28/2019 Shawnda.goodwin0210
Holics 09/14/2019 Eileen Kohutis Thanks Shwanda. Vlad was a 10/02/2019 eakohutis
Surname Udey 09/12/2019 Shawnda Goodwin
Search for Vilet Chmela - may be family 08/18/2019 LauriG I recently came across the 10/03/2019 mirovice
Henyko and Kokos 08/02/2019 Joanne Hudak Chvala
Denni Hlasatel Newspaper 07/31/2019 Kaiser, Frank and Mildred It is quite strange if the 08/14/2019 gsvatos
Denni Hlasatel Newspaper 07/31/2019 Kaiser, Frank and Mildred Unfortunately, The Denni 08/18/2019 kccermak
“Wondlm” as source village? 07/03/2019 Joe Cholka What was her married name? 08/14/2019 gsvatos
“Wondlm” as source village? 07/03/2019 Joe Cholka The village has been located… 09/25/2019 joep.cholka
Duritza (Durica) 07/01/2019 david duritza
Belej Family 06/28/2019 Carol Ferenchak
Franz Tichy to Russia 06/13/2019 mervin weiss The marriage record usually 06/25/2019 gsvatos
FENCL 06/09/2019 Otis M Fencl Hi, Otis, I tried looking 06/13/2019 jerrymartinek
FENCL 06/09/2019 Otis M Fencl Here is the birth record for 06/21/2019 gsvatos
Tomcsik 06/02/2019 Joanne Hudak Chvala
Matecsik 05/20/2019 Peter Mosanyi
First Hungarian Slovak Mechanics Society 05/06/2019 Ray Sarosy
Name variations for Nettie and Sophia 04/19/2019 Julie Nelson Antonia/Antonie for Nettie… 05/06/2019 AmyWedll
Pronunciation help? 04/19/2019 Jujnelson In both cases the “s” most 06/20/2019 jerrymartinek
Hungarian Infantry Regiment 67 (1850-1860) 04/14/2019 Marilyn Schulte
Cisar/Votava 04/03/2019 Kay Moore I would need some more info 04/04/2019 rebelric
Looking for my gma Anna Macourek 03/29/2019 Marlene Hartman
Pataki/ Lankos 03/27/2019 Ralph Rack Fanos Pataki abt 1886 1 May 04/04/2019 rebelric
Anna Pekar 03/17/2019 T. Finnegan
Jajko Family from Lenartov, Slovakia 03/17/2019 Bob Pavelka
Nowak and Sklensky from Brno 03/12/2019 Ericka Jackson
Searching for Josef and Veronika Uma 1820 Bohemia 03/04/2019 Nancy Feldman
Belej/Benedikt of Spisske Vlachy, Hrhov or Zehra circa 1850-1880 02/28/2019 Carol Ferenchak
Need help figuring out village of origin from handwritten record 02/24/2019 Robin Vercruse There are church records for 03/13/2019 rebelric
I wish to amend request for Rudolf --Have new information 02/21/2019 ruza
Looking for information on Rudolf?Tzdenek?Bushek?Ruza 02/20/2019 Ruza Born in Bohemia? Could have 01/29/2020 ruza