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Message Date Commentsort descending Date
WHERE IS NACICE LOCATED 01/15/2011 JOHN CARLSON Hello John: Not sure if 01/27/2011 anthony.kadlec
Ujezdu svateho Krize 06/15/2018 June Austen Hello June, 07/23/2018 cherylrieck
Looking for Vacha Family 10/25/2010 Kathryn Zacharda/Brophy Hello Kathryn: I just did a 10/26/2010 anthony.kadlec
Teresov family 02/17/2011 Kathryn Brophy Hello Kathyrn: This 02/23/2011 anthony.kadlec
Surname:HLAVAC 03/31/2011 Katie Hlavac Hello Katie: By chance have 03/31/2011 anthony.kadlec
Svidnice, Bohemia 04/05/2010 Kevin Kronoveter Hello Kevin: I think you 06/25/2010 anthony.kadlec
surname Bila 09/17/2012 Lauren Hello Lauren: You are in 09/21/2012 anthony.kadlec
DISAPPOINTED IN SERVICES 06/08/2010 MARK HOGAN Hello Mark: It looks like 06/25/2010 anthony.kadlec
Nedveds 02/27/2011 Pam H Hello Pam: Please feel free 02/28/2011 anthony.kadlec
Urgent need for guide 10/13/2018 Rene' McCartney Hello Rene’, just wondering 11/04/2018 Debbie.ATAInc
Bohemians in Michigan 02/05/2011 Richard Hammer Hello Richard: Here is a 02/06/2011 anthony.kadlec
Austria/Hungary/Slovak Surnames 11/09/2010 RichB Hello Richard: Just 11/09/2010 anthony.kadlec
Has Anyone done research on a family named, "Heina?" (It could also be Hejna) 09/30/2011 C. Robert Heina Hello Robert, Your message 11/19/2011 Mary Jane Scherdin
Safranek, Adelbert or Vojtech from Bohemia 04/17/2010 Sandra DeOreo Smith Hello Sandra. I read your 02/25/2012 stberan
Appelt 04/03/2010 Sburke Hello Sandra: Glad to hear 04/06/2010 anthony.kadlec
Moravian village 11/09/2009 sue michos Hello Sue: I am wondering 02/08/2010 anthony.kadlec
Radnice? 04/07/2011 Susan S. Hello Susan: When in doubt, 04/15/2011 anthony.kadlec
Martin veleba 11/09/2009 sue michos Hello Susan: You are lucky 04/06/2010 anthony.kadlec
Rohan/Sablatura in Frenstat 01/19/2017 Ronald Rohan Hello Thank you for listing 03/24/2017 JOLKASS
Josef Pekar 09/28/2018 Josef Pekar Hello! I can’t shed light on 12/12/2018 bbrd325
Finding Mathias Bier 01/14/2017 Rich Paterson Hello! Welcome to CGSI. I 04/04/2017 jerrymartinek
Possible Fakla or Varga Cousins?? 04/11/2017 Donna Manuel Hello, 05/21/2017 sharon.evans
Filek families in the Chicago area 11/02/2014 Mary Foxworthy Hello. I just happened 11/09/2014 mabraun
Johan Ditz 11/11/2016 JoAnn Winter Hello. I looked at the 04/04/2017 jerrymartinek
Zelezny from Cesky Brod, Vitice 10/15/2012 Marcia Holliman Hello: Perhaps it is a 11/22/2012 anthony.kadlec
Kolar(Canada/Michigan)-Strnad-Michigan 04/01/2010 Larry Kolar Help in research. My great 04/12/2010 Larry Kolar
STOLCPART Family 05/04/2014 Lilypondlady Here is a birth record for 07/11/2015 gsvatos
Ruprich family 01/11/2015 bettyb Here is a link (middle record 07/03/2015 gsvatos
Katherina Trckova or Joseph Sery in Moravia 07/02/2015 Betka Here is a link to a Sept 15, 07/03/2015 gsvatos
KLOFANDA/NEHODA 03/14/2010 Joyce Here is a link to the Aug 10, 07/29/2015 gsvatos
Surname MALY 03/25/2014 Chuck Maly Here is the 1858 birth record 07/15/2015 gsvatos
HELFERT/LIFKA 01/25/2017 Leigh Here is the link to your 03/23/2017 JOLKASS
Macek 11/24/2016 Bob Macek Hey, Bob, what is the village 04/04/2017 jerrymartinek
Need address info 01/16/2014 Dan Kasper Hey, Dan, I’m assuming you 01/18/2014 jerrymartinek
Schimek Family Tree 02/21/2015 Rennykbc Hey, Renny, Sorry…didn’t see 03/28/2015 jerrymartinek
Miroslav / Misslitz 07/02/2012 Les Hi I know this posting is 05/27/2013 sharon_gill
National Archives in Prague 09/23/2013 Audrey Hi Audrey: Have you tried 09/28/2013 anthony.kadlec
sulc family 11/11/2014 bbennett Hi Betty: 04/24/2018 dterrick.618
MIKA, BERAN, FILIP(PHILIP, PHILIPS), MATEJKA 01/14/2008 Carolyn Hi Carolyn, I am also 11/20/2009 sue.stauder
Hvezda and Schindler surnames 05/15/2015 Cecelia Hi Cecelia, We had 06/16/2015 jerrymartinek
Surname MALY 03/25/2014 Chuck Maly Hi Chuck, Was Karel Maly a 07/13/2015 gsvatos
Hruska 07/08/2017 Connie Hi Connie, The records for 09/17/2017 JOLKASS
Major, Mayor, Meyer 12/25/2016 June Austen Hi CyndiMeier, Thank you for 03/22/2017 austenjune
Matej Karasek 12/31/2018 David W. Vancura Hi David- The Karel Karasek 01/09/2019 JOLKASS
Archive for Humpolec? 09/25/2014 Debra Hi Debra: Looks like 09/30/2014 anthony.kadlec
Looking for any clues on Karaba families from Drahvoce and ? 02/01/2008 Diane Karaba Hi Diane, I live near Moquah 04/27/2013 MJames
Vavrusa and Svarc 02/22/2014 Diann H Biltz Hi Diann, I believe that 07/30/2015 gsvatos
Andro/Annie (Tkach) Fetcho 02/07/2017 Elizabeth (Fetcho) Stoffel Hi Elizabeth, 02/08/2017 JOLKASS
Dvorak And Patz Family 09/03/2010 Bonnie L Dvorak Hi I am now a grandmother my 09/03/2010 bonniel.dvorak
Surnames 01/24/2012 Bertha Mae Hi I am the grandaughter of 05/04/2012 bonniel.dvorak