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Dr. Jacob George Bruckman 08/22/2013 Bill
Drahota 03/18/2017 Irma Farrell Hi, Welcome to CGSI. Do you 03/21/2017 JOLKASS
Drevo/Kasha/Shara/Kubicek 03/13/2012 Cammi Drevo-Amezcua
Duddah, Wasco (Wasko, Vasko) 07/23/2011 Renee Additional information – my 07/24/2011 mmknapper
Duritza (Durica) 07/01/2019 david duritza I’m not connected to any 07/11/2020 melodygay.kohl
Dvorak And Patz Family 09/03/2010 Bonnie L Dvorak Hi I am now a grandmother my 09/03/2010 bonniel.dvorak
Dvorak, James & Katherine Vrana Rada Dvorak NE/WI 02/23/2008 Ray Johnson
Dzbanov u Vysoke Myto 03/29/2008 Judy Nelson Hi Judy: CGSI member Wally 08/07/2009 pauldeb.makousky
Egidy or Egide from Eastern Bohemia 10/22/2016 JoAnn Winter
Ejbl 10/21/2007 jeannine Re: Ejbl 10/30/2007 dennis mulacek
Elice Holik 07/06/2013 June Austen
Elice Holik 1905 Prague 07/06/2013 June Austen
Entering location and source data for Rozvadov church records 07/04/2012 Brandt
ESKRA, KRAL from Bohemia, Austria, Czech. 04/28/2012 Beth N. My Great Grandmother was 11/11/2012 jane.brown
Eva Oberdorfer/Josefa Baumrucker 01/13/2013 Marcia
Families from the Czech village of Svarenice, including Kisela, and others? 12/21/2011 Jim Kisela
Families Molitoris and Birossek 08/15/2017 Patricia Molitoris
Families: Bumbera, Dzmura, Rohal 02/10/2009 Barbara [Bumbera] Nash
family 06/18/2015 Barbara In order to assist you, it 06/18/2015 gsvatos
family 06/18/2015 Barbara My uncle by marriage, John 06/24/2015 barbara.mittal
family 06/18/2015 Barbara Gazetteers are a great way to 07/03/2015 gsvatos
Family Certificate 12/19/2007 Francis Keith
Family genealogy research help 02/26/2016 David Nelson Thanks, David! Glad we were 02/29/2016 jerrymartinek
Family name: "Krotz". 09/28/2007 Charles Krizek
Family Research 10/09/2007 Ed Shulda Re: Family Research 10/25/2007 ed shulda
Family Search 09/26/2007 Shulda
family surnames 09/26/2011 sir william
Family tree research help 08/21/2016 Ricardo Pravda Hi, Ricardo, I’m not 09/13/2016 jerrymartinek
Fathers' roots 04/24/2007 vera b. holman Re: Fathers' roots 01/28/2008 Michelle
FENCL 06/09/2019 Otis M Fencl Hi, Otis, I tried looking 06/13/2019 jerrymartinek
FENCL 06/09/2019 Otis M Fencl Here is the birth record for 06/21/2019 gsvatos
Fetcho/Mehochko 06/20/2014 Elizabeth (Fetcho) Stoffel There is an Andrew Fetcho in 06/28/2014 holubhelper
Fetcho/Mehochko 06/20/2014 Elizabeth (Fetcho) Stoffel I know the Fetchos lived in 02/06/2017 elizabeth.stoffel
FHL RECORDS Update - Czech and Slovak - New Records 04/29/2008 Bill Tarkulich
Filek families in the Chicago area 11/02/2014 Mary Foxworthy Hello. I just happened 11/09/2014 mabraun
Finding Mathias Bier 01/14/2017 Rich Paterson Hello! Welcome to CGSI. I 04/04/2017 jerrymartinek
First hand accounts of immigration stories 01/17/2018 Joe Gayetsky
First Hungarian Slovak Mechanics Society 05/06/2019 Ray Sarosy
Florian ancestors in New Prague and St. Paul, MN area 02/01/2008 Kathy
Forejt (Foreit)/Janosek 07/25/2005 Steve Frayer Re: Forejt (Foreit)/Janosek 01/23/2008 Mary Janecek-Friedman
FORIAN FAMILY FROM HRDLOREZY 1880/1912. SUCHDOL & KLADNO MENTIONED TO 02/21/2008 MARY LOU KOZUB Mary, I have 2 Lucas Florians 11/20/2009 kathleen.sigdestad
Francis TINTERA Sr, wife Anna DUPATSCH and family 06/28/2020 Ron Blaha Prior to the opening of St. 06/29/2020 junem.sommer
Francis TINTERA Sr, wife Anna DUPATSCH and family 06/28/2020 Ron Blaha Bless you. I have got work 06/30/2020 ron.blaha
Francis TINTERA Sr, wife Anna DUPATSCH and family 06/28/2020 Ron Blaha The shoebox feature of LDS 06/30/2020 ron.blaha
Francis TINTERA Sr, wife Anna DUPATSCH and family 06/28/2020 Ron Blaha The real maiden surname for 07/25/2020 ron.blaha
frank janda 03/26/2007 Janey Cook Where was your Frank Janda 10/10/2010 florencea.crane
Frank Skok, Cofounder of St. Paul's (MN) Slovanska Lipa 1869 09/30/2013 Doug Bjostad
Frantisek Velebil/Anna Marie Wolfova 04/10/2010 Gayle Don’t spend too much time 04/12/2010 mark.bigaouette
Frantisek Velebil/Anna Marie Wolfova 04/10/2010 Gayle Thank you. I don’t believe 04/13/2010 gayle.vidmar
FRANTIŠKA JUNG born 25/9/1883 (49 Kunvald) 12/27/2016 June Austen