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Message Date Commentsort descending Date
Anastasia Beranek (1884-1964) - Searching for mother, father, siblings in Vinarice 09/11/2012 Linda
Anna Karnold Skyoro 04/29/2012 Laura Lomicka Simkanich
Oswald 11/10/2011 Vendula Masatova
Prusaks of Tisinec, Potoceks of Lubotin 04/27/2011 Tisha
Lackey/Lachky, Tauber/Taubr, Kozel, Prymek 12/27/2010 Barbara Salazar
Pusvajn family 03/04/2018 Judi
Zogelmann, Michael 01/31/2016 Stan
Konechne/Bulcek 01/29/2008 Lynn Konecny
Shebanek 10/12/2007 Jeanne Fitzgerald
Havlic / Buzek from Bohemia 03/09/2015 Ray Velchek
Researching Surnames 05/06/2007 Rhonda
Seeking surname Slovick 06/19/2014 John Davis
village of Nemcice, north of Litomysl 06/21/2013 miker
Jacob Florian in Helena Tsp, Scott County 1885 02/07/2013 kathy
Posta's 07/16/2012 Audrey
Marie Houtek(Houtkova) 04/29/2012 Laura Lomicka Simkanich
Sedlak/ Ryant- Chicago 01/22/2012 Marla
Pyscharcik 06/07/2010 Rose
Help or be helped: Hejduk and Kliment from Oustalec (Austaletz) 03/05/2010 Tom Hejduk
Turansky 12/21/2018 Steve Turcina
The Hrouda Family 09/16/2009 Joe Hrouda
Locating info in LeSueur County 01/14/2008 kathy
Family name: "Krotz". 09/28/2007 Charles Krizek
ISO any Strejc family from Cervene Porici / Poritschen, CZ 10/31/2014 Bill Streitz
Albrecht von Wallenstein 05/24/2013 Scott Lenhart
Protivec, CZ 12/30/2012 Ray Hucek
Bohuslav Masek 04/29/2012 Laura Lomicka Simkanich
Furka 09/01/2011 Lucille
p. Novak 10/31/2010 Patricia Novak
Women's surnames in late 19th c. Slovakia 05/18/2017 Annemarie Cooke
Slovak and Czech ancestry 02/04/2010 Toni Brendel
Luhonora 10/28/2018 Sue Guyer
KUBIK, CARPENTER - Springfield Massachusetts USA 03/23/2009 Tina Peters
Sovella Family 08/30/2015 Barbara
Surname: Lapsansky or Tokoly 04/13/2014 Jan L
Micklaus and Petronia Nedved from Bhusterad, immigrated 1905 with daughter Anna to NYC 12/17/2013 Anna Tews
Stepanov in Olomouc District, CZ 05/15/2013 Audrey
John Julius 04/29/2012 Laura Lomicka Simkanich
Czech Underground 12/31/2011 Kirk Williams
sykoro 08/13/2011 Laura
Surname Syrovy / Syrowy 01/30/2020 Ed Potter
Koranda 04/28/2010 Judy Nelson
Kajer/Gayer/Goier/Geier 05/06/2017 Sue Guyer
Stolcpart from Bohemia 08/28/2018 Arlene
Sovella 07/27/2016 Barbara
Jan and Waclav Zvolanek born in Jakubec? Takubec? Russia circa 1891-94 01/01/2008 Denise Chevalier
Turan 03/25/2007 Ed Ogden
looking for people in Plymouth PA 09/28/2014 Barbara
Cresky Brod or dobra Pole 10/24/2012 marcia Holliman