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Hudak surname Olyso (Olsov) Slovakia 04/17/2013 Tom I emailed Juraj Cisarik on 03/02/2015 barb.golias
Rezac, Treblik, Kopecky, Navrkal 06/05/2018 RegR I do have your Rezac surname 07/28/2018 rebeccaj.hamilton
Posvar or Caha 06/08/2015 Elaine I did a little research into 06/14/2015 gsvatos
Looking for Mindek Family Info Sambron Slovakia 08/21/2017 Julie Powers I cannot find a town with the 10/03/2017 JOLKASS
Looking for family of Martin Laiza 07/12/2014 vjm I believe the surname you are 10/06/2015 rudolph.hozak
Lidice 06/02/2009 Nelson I am very interested in 06/19/2012
MIKA, BERAN, FILIP 09/26/2010 Carolyn I am somewhat related to a 11/20/2013 lois hannon middleton
Austria/Hungary/Slovak Surnames 11/09/2010 RichB I am seeking any information 11/09/2010 RBurianic
Researching on FRISTENSKY family members in the US 07/31/2010 Frank Fristensky, Durango, CO I am searching for Anna 12/11/2010 ivaf.zajicek
Hrncir/Toepfer 12/23/2007 Roberta I am looking for information 02/02/2012 DLTeeter
Photos of Borova 08/13/2007 Betty Forster I am in San Bernardino, Ca. 03/23/2010 vicki.ellis
Looking for Kucaba Czech records 02/21/2017 June Ellefsen I am finding that the birth 02/27/2018 june.ellefsen
Visiting Prague in June 03/27/2011 Cynthia Wallace I am anxious to hear how your 07/02/2011 mshoward
Majorosgazda, Majoros, Mayer Maior, Meier 06/08/2017 June Austen I am a DNA match to a 07/28/2017 VLMaples
STOLCPART Family 05/04/2014 Lilypondlady I already have the birth 05/24/2016 lilypondlady
Archive for Humpolec? 09/25/2014 Debra 02/23/2015 jerrymartinek
Humpolec, Bohemia, Czech Republic 01/28/2011 Ray Dupske 02/02/2011 anthony.kadlec
Bush, Isidor,Jewish, born 1822, Prague, 03/27/2015 Mike Bush How may I find information in 03/27/2015 mikebush
research 07/17/2009 pat jedlicka Hope you are having luck 09/17/2010 linda.jedlicka
Searching for Vrabel family from Porac, Slovakia 03/23/2017 Marilyn Schulte Hi= have you looked at the on 03/23/2017 JOLKASS
Porac, Slovakia 02/12/2016 Vrabel Hi: By chance have you 02/16/2016 anthony.kadlec
Pospisil 01/04/2016 Kathy Peterson Hi. I’m new here. I, too, am 02/26/2016 kevlaur615
Searching for Palenkas 03/19/2017 Ruth VanHouten Hi- Welcome to CGSI. Do you 03/21/2017 JOLKASS
Hula 07/11/2017 Ron Hula Hi- the records you are 09/17/2017 JOLKASS
Tuma - Harant - Ustalec, West Bohemia 02/25/2018 Mark Tuma Hi- Check you email, I have 02/26/2018 JOLKASS
Are Ukerska Ves Czecho Slovakia and Zahorska Ves, Malacky, Slovakia the same? 03/22/2016 Nancy Long Hi,Nancy Ukerska might be U 04/25/2016 Zdenka
Chicago "Svornost" obituaries? 01/13/2012 Wesley Johnston Hi, Wesley, Some Svornost 05/19/2012 Samantha Chmelik
Drahota 03/18/2017 Irma Farrell Hi, Welcome to CGSI. Do you 03/21/2017 JOLKASS
Looking for Smarsh or 'Smyrs' from Tisek, Bohemia 02/12/2014 Smartee08 Hi, Terry. Tisek is in my 02/16/2014 jerrymartinek
Tessewreck surname - changed from something else? 11/14/2014 Tara Hi, Tara, Tony is right….it 02/23/2015 jerrymartinek
relatives from Ujezd u Vizovic, Slopne, or Loucka 01/05/2014 Rich B Hi, Rich, Can you be more 01/08/2014 jerrymartinek
Family tree research help 08/21/2016 Ricardo Pravda Hi, Ricardo, I’m not 09/13/2016 jerrymartinek
Schimek Family Tree 02/21/2015 Rennykbc Hi, Renny, I have a 02/23/2015 jerrymartinek
Cermak / Vosicka from Bohemia 03/09/2015 Ray Velchek Hi, Ray, I’m assuming you do 06/16/2015 jerrymartinek
Marriage record 07/24/2018 MICHAEL REISS Hi, Michael, Can you provide 08/24/2018 jerrymartinek
Marriage record 07/24/2018 MICHAEL REISS Hi, Michael, Can you provide 08/24/2018 jerrymartinek
Vaclav Cikanek 08/06/2016 Maria Stanton Hi, Maria. Just curious. If 09/13/2016 jerrymartinek
Searching for Gunthers from Bohemia (Becov and Caslau, Czech Rep.) 02/10/2015 Lu Hi, Lu, In your title you 02/23/2015 jerrymartinek
Vincedl, Marie 04/29/2012 Laura Lomicka Simkanich Hi, Laura, Marie Vincedl 10/20/2013 Radomir
Virgl 01/04/2016 Kathy Peterson Hi, Kathy, I did a quick 01/19/2016 jerrymartinek
Pospisil 01/04/2016 Kathy Peterson Hi, Kathy, I did a quick 01/19/2016 jerrymartinek
Hirman 01/07/2014 Karen Hi, Karen, I did a quick 01/08/2014 jerrymartinek
Major, Mayor, Meyer 12/25/2016 June Austen Hi, June, 04/04/2017 jerrymartinek
LOOKING FOR RELATIVES OF ANNA HRONKOVA KACEROVSKY 02/17/2014 JOHN KASER Hi, John, I don’t have 03/17/2014 jerrymartinek
Janicek Family 11/20/2015 Jim Hi, Jim, when you say you 11/23/2015 jerrymartinek
Benes Benesch Sinkula 01/21/2015 Dorie Benesh Hi, Dorie, I have some 02/23/2015 jerrymartinek
Boatload of Bohemians 12/15/2015 Dave Shaw Hi, Dave, meant to get back 01/19/2016 jerrymartinek
How to check records in Jindrichuv Hradec and Olsany 08/02/2015 Dave Munk Hi, Dave, Can you provide 08/11/2015 jerrymartinek
Schilling Familly -ujezdu svateho Krize in Rokycany District 02/27/2018 Cheryl R. Hi, Cheryl, Are you trying to 03/18/2018 jerrymartinek
Adam, Guznar and Damel 01/07/2014 Bobbie Baldree Hi, Bobbie, Sounds like you 01/08/2014 jerrymartinek