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Kucerova - Krevocheza

Searching for the parents of Frantiska Kucerova. She was born in December of 1917 in Prague. Her father's given name was Gustav. She imigr to England and m Silvester Krevocheza in London in 1950. The family imigr to the US in 1956. They lived in California. Frantiska d 1994 in Sonoma, California.

Contact: Jack Thompson 3970 Scott Drive , Carlsbad , CA 92008

Posted: 04/08/2018


I am having trouble locating military records for my Moravian Kadlecek ancestors for the period 1761-1874. Is there information on rules for the required military service? I read somewhere, but unfortunately do not have the web URL, that sole heirs were often excused from military services. Is this correct?

Contact: Debbie , Pearland , TX 77584

Posted: 03/25/2018


Looking for information on Pusvajn family. Also spelled Pusvayn. 2g grandfather Emanuel born about 1815 died 1885 in Chicago. Emigrated in 1882 from Hamburg. Married to Marie (Mary) Jensik (Jencik)

Contact: Judi Katz , ,

Posted: 03/04/2018

Humenik or Yatsko

Looking for information for either Humenic or Yatsko. My great grandmother used both these last names as her maiden name but was consistent about where she came from: Kečkovce. Born 1892 and immigr to the USA date unknown but was married in Pennsylvania (Barnyak) in 1914. Other known facts : she lists her brothers as Joseph and Metro and sister Theresa.

Contact: Christine Kretz , ,

Posted: 03/04/2018


I’m trying to find more information on my 2x great grandfather, Thomas Dobry. He was born in 1852 from Joseph & Josephine in Zhor Bohemia. He married Marie Dvorak whose family immigrated from Lhota Bohemia. Thank you!

Contact: Stephanie , ,

Posted: 01/25/2018


Looking for parents of Michael Valent married to Mary Bidlen from Slovakia.

Contact: Chuck Conzatti 1250 scalp ave , johnstown , Pennsylvania 15904

Posted: 01/17/2018


Hello, I'm trying to find any information about my great-grandmother, Mary MARSIK, who was born around 1862 in Bohemia. I have no other information about where she was from or the exact date of her birth; I have a possible passenger record for her from 1879 (coming to Baltimore from Bremen Germany) but I'm not entirely certain it's her, as it seems too early a date considering her stated age was 21 - if it is her record, then she wasn't truthful about her age. Regardless, she ended up in St. Paul, Minnesota sometime around 1882 as I find her listed in a city directory working as a "domestic." She married my great-grandfather in St. Paul on November 14, 1883, at the Ramsey County Courthouse. She had five children before her early death in St. Paul's City and County Hospital on November 19, 1894, aged 32. She is buried in Maplewood, Minnesota. So far, I have not been able to locate any records which indicate where in Bohemia she came from, when she came here, and if she came here with anyone else. I've found some records online but am really stuck with her place of origin and, as I understand it, you need to know that information to locate other records in the Czech Republic. If anyone has this surname in their family or any ideas where I may check further, I would really appreciate any insight. email jjlavaque@gmail.com. Thanks!

Contact: Jackie L. , Little Canada , MN

Posted: 12/04/2017


I am seeking living relatives of the Kollar family living in Connecticut (or who did live there as recently as the 1960s or 1970s). My grandfather was Joseph Kollar, and took me to visit some relatives there when I was young, but unfortunately I don't remember where in Connecticut or their names. My grandfather Joseph's father was John Kollar, and John had a brother named Steve. Steve had at least one child named Mary. I think the people I'm looking for could be Steve's family. John, Steve, and Joseph had all emigrated from Vikartovce, Slovakia.

Contact: Michele Redmond , , Oregon

Posted: 12/01/2017


I'm looking for any information on Marcus Tisue and or Mike Tisue, both of whom registered for WW I Draft in Wisconsin; listing their place of Birth as Austria-Hungary (which Czech Republic came under, pre WW I). After registering they seem to have disappeared; conjecture they returned to Europe vice fighting against homeland. I share that Sur-name, tracking the family name as far back as indenture papers about 1712 in Maryland for William Tyshew (on indenture papers), who's parent there were listed as Bastian Tyshew and Elizabeth Nee Hebron Tyshew. After indenture William moved to PA and was a Captain in Revolutionary War, he wrote his name as Tissue. His son James then dropped an S. We always pronounced as Tie-Shoe. My deduced unproven theory being that Bastian was in some way associated with Augustine Herman, the Czech Cartographer who surveyed and had a large manor in late 1600s Maryland. And that our origins are Tis U Blatna or Tis U Chotebore area of Czech Republic. Finding what happened to Marcus and or Mike Tisue or other Tisue's in Czech Republic would really help me get past deduction to more certainty of my Czech Ancestry

Contact: John Tisue 1806 Yadkin ST NW , Madison , AL 35757

Posted: 06/02/2017


I am seeking info on my g grandmother Anezka (Agnes) Drozd. She is prob from Bohuslavice, Czechoslovakia. Prob born on 18 Jan 1888. she emir in 1913 on the SS Chemnitz. We have such little info on our ancestor that any help would be so gratefully appreciated. We have been curious about our Czech ancestors for decades and would love to get to know them better. Thank you so much. Michelle Doege.

Contact: Michelle Doege 111 Hillcrest , La Vernia , TX 78121

Posted: 03/15/2017