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My mother, Ingeborg Maria Huber, was born November 16, 1938 in Marienbad, West Bohemia, Czechoslovakia. Her father's name was Johann and her Mother was Anna Maria. Her mother had a twin sister, name unknown. My mother also had a brother named Karl, which died in 1975 in Germany. They went into Germany, and Johann and Anna Maria split for unknown reasons. Don't know if it was death or divorce. Johann remarried. How do I go about finding marital records, for Johann and Anna Maria and for Johann and his second wife? My Mother has alzheimer's and can't help me with this. I would love to find out what happened to my Grandmother and find my relatives. My mother was disowned by her father, when she married and american and came to the United States.

Contact: Ronda Rogge 1706 S Fork Rd. , Sand Springs , MT 59077

Posted: 09/08/2014


My ancestor, STEPHAN MUNKACHY, was ennobled by Emperor Ferdinand III in Bratislava in 1647-8. The records are on file in the Presov Archives. There is no record of this proclamation in any nobility publication or heraldry listing that I have been able to review. I have reviewed Family Search, Slovak Archives, and Hungarian Archives. I have reviewed nobility books, publications and Heraldry listings by the hundreds. I have no idea where Stephan came from, where he lived, died. If anyone has any search suggestions or sources I would appreciate hearing from you. sedlak93@hotmail.com

Contact: Louis Sedlak , Parkville , Maryland 21234

Posted: 08/24/2014

Pokorney & Mackett

I am looking for sources or ideas on finding information regarding my great grandparents who immigrated to south western Prarie du Chien, Wisconsin from Prague about 1875 . They are James Pokorney born 4 Jul 1857 Rose Mackett born 26 Aug 1862 Other information I would like to better understand is where did Czech people depart from and where did they most likely arrive in the

Contact: Joseph L Pokorney 605 Madrid Ave , Venice , Florida 34285

Posted: 08/23/2014


I am looking for information about my Great grandfather Andro Fecho or Andrew Fetcho. He arrived in Jackson Co MN in i896. Am interested if he had any siblings and his place of birth.

Contact: Elizabeth Stoffel 9414 North Weather Hill Drive , Tucson , Arizona 85743

Posted: 06/20/2014

Mikolas or Mikula

I am trying to find information about my great-grandfather (John Mikolas) who came to America Nov. 1880 aboard the Nurnberg and his family before they left the old country. He traveled with his Father (Johann) and his Mother (Rosine Cernoch) and his 2 sisters. I have found a possible link between a Johann Mikolas and a Joseph Mikula(s) - brothers maybe - however I cannot confirm that the Johann Mikolas is the same person as my great-great grandfather? I am hoping someone out there can help me confirm or refute this information. Thanks very much

Contact: Lori Hebert , Brenham , TX

Posted: 03/10/2014

Barta, John

Born 1835, Bohemia, D- 6-30-1908. bur in St Peter - Paul catholic church, Abie, Ne. Looking for Obit, or info where he came from in Bohemia. Marry Pavek, Bohemia, 1843, Bohemia, D 1-8-1908 same church

Contact: Darla Hoskins (Barta) 11705 Spruce Drive , Monticello , Mn 55362

Posted: 02/10/2014


I am looking for the birth record of Emilie Zita born September 1905 in one of the villages of Polna. Mo: Anna Nawratil Fa: Carl Zita I already searched http://actapublica.eu/ Jihlava Polna Record #6766. but there are about 6 other villages in Polna. I am looking for volunteers in villages of Polna to check the actual church records, since they are not available online for a ew more years. In addition there could be deaths records of Anna Nawratil and/or Carl Zita in the same chruch records from 1905 - 1908. Emilie was raised by Marie Zita (Kodim)(born in Zleby). Marie Zita and Emilie's last residence was Polna before going to Vienna and the USA. Not records in Vienna or Zleby. I have tried to hire 4 geneologists but they won't take the case because they research through the records online and are not in the area of Polna to search the records in person.

Contact: Deba Nier 4007 Atlantic Avenue , Brooklyn , NY 11224

Posted: 01/27/2014


Looking for ggg who was a surgeon near Praha. His son, Vatslov Mudraeff, my gg, changed his name to James Monroe when he entered the US in 1868. He migrated to McLeod county, Minnesota in 1873. His son, James Jr. lived near Foley.

Contact: Eugene Monroe 78 Shearwater Point Drive , Bluffton , SCV 29909

Posted: 01/26/2014


Anna Plocar and Franz Kaca came to the USA in 1890. The Kaca family was from Chemitz. Anna's mother, Katerina Plocar, lived in Cirova. Are there any family members still in Czechloslovakia? How about obtaining church records?

Contact: Kathleen Hall 6713 Evening Street , Worthington , OH 43085

Posted: 01/23/2014


Seeking information for anyone with the surname of Jandacka, Origin of the name is from Kotesova, SK. Please contact Gerald Jandacka at gjandacka@gmail.com.

Contact: Gerald Jandacka , ,

Posted: 01/14/2014