Slovaks of the Greater Mahoning Valley


Slovaks of the Greater Mahoning Valley by Susan J. Summers and Loretta A. Ekoniak. 128 pages

Slovak immigrants fleeing poverty in Europe saw a picture of hope and properity as they came to the Mahoning Valley of northeastern Ohio in response to the promise of jobs and good pay in the steel mills. From the 1870’s when the first Slovaks came to this area, to the present, there is no part of American life in which these Slovak Americans have not thrived while living the American Dream.

  1. From the Old to the New
  2. All in a Day’s Work
  3. Od Srdce (From the Heart)
  4. For the Glory of God
  5. For Love of this New Country
  6. For Love of the Game
  7. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry
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